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Our mission is to improve outcomes for athletes, coaches, and help rehabilitate patients from arm injuries.

The Kinetic Arm™ is a global athletic biomechanical tech product company that offers innovative products to provide athletes with efficient workload management tools to aid in injury prevention and increase longevity, performance, and overall health of athletes.

Colleran has spent over half a decade researching, designing, testing, and developing his sleeve to be the most efficient and effective workload management tool for athletes to use and aid in injury prevention. His adamant passion and devotion to educating and helping athletes has now gained a very reputable presence in the sports and medical industry nationwide.

Designed by an Athlete
for an Athlete!

"There are helmets, elbow guards, chest protectors, gloves, and other protective gear, but there is nothing for the throwing arm, the one thing that will keep you in the game! There are several new wearable technologies being used in an effort to track pitchers' data, but these alone will not help or be able to decrease stress during the throwing process. Athletes can now wear the Kinetic Arm, as an effective arm workload management tool, to help optimize, stabilize, and offload stress that causes most overuse injuries ."

-Jason Colleran, Founder & Owner of Elite Edge Training Center

Jason Colleran was a collegiate and professional baseball player whose career was cut short due to injuries. Being a former athlete who personally suffered from arm injuries for over 10 years gave him true insight to the rising epidemic. Like many athletes he dedicated his life to the sport, only to lose it all due to overuse injuries. These life changing and career ending injuries are what inspired his passion and direction in biomechanics, and the years he dedicated into developing and designing his patented sleeve to help athletes optimize mechanics and aid in injury prevention.

What Sets Us AparT

We are able to offer the first innovative technology known as a dynamic arm stabilizer to the sports industry. We are adamant about educating and offering effective and efficient solutions and workload management tools to athletes, coaches, and physical therapists all over the world.

As a biomechanics tech company, we are always thinking about what is next, and how to elevate our customers and affiliate partnerships. We are on a mission to reach, educate, and help athletes protect their arms so they improve their game, and continue to play the game they love.

History Is Being Made

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The Kinetic Arm™ made its first appearance in January 2020 at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA),  winning Best of Show for the Most Innovative Product in 2020. Formerly known as The Perfect Arm –The Kinetic Arm™ has been on the fast track to success after they were announced winners by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper.  This support sleeve is already becoming a staple workload management tool in SEC and other collegiate and high school baseball programs nationwide.  It is currently the only wearable workload management tool that has objective data showing it significantly reduces stress during throwing mechanics.

The Kinetic Arm™ will be attending the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) in January 2022.  

Jason Colleran will be speaking at this event to introduce the Kinetic Arm and go over the data and functionality with coaches.

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