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Launching a New Era of Protective Athletic Gear

The Kinetic Arm™ Shows Promising Innovation in Preventing Arm Injuries

Jason Colleran is the owner and founder of The Kinetic Arm™, formerly known as The Perfect Arm, an innovative sports biomechanics company based in Atlanta, GA. He has.....


Jason Colleran is the owner and founder of The Kinetic Arm™, formerly known as The Perfect Arm, an innovative sports biomechanics company based in Atlanta, GA. He has announced the launch of an upgraded version of his new award-winning throwing support sleeve, which will be available in September 2021. Colleran will be leveraging his knowledge and expertise in biomechanics across media outlets in effort to deliver this new world-class product to help solve baseball’s growing injury epidemic. The Kinetic Arm is now used and recommended by professional athletes, physical therapists, doctors, and coaches at every level.

As a biomechanics consultant, Colleran has had the privilege to work directly with high-level professional athletes, SEC and other collegiate baseball programs, and high school baseball and softball programs to integrate The Kinetic Arm™ as their primary workload management tool. “This is the best I’ve ever felt!” says Matt Ruppenthal, Houston Astros pitcher and former Vanderbilt Commodore.

This protective sleeve has been gaining national attention not only by athletes, but also by medical professionals. Dr. Lawrence Lemak, founder of The National Center of Sports Safety reviewed the data and stated that: “The data shows that this sleeve could definitely have an impact in reducing throwing and overuse injuries.”

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Despite the increase in technological advancements and attempts to monitor pitch counts, the current arm injury epidemic continues to rise. “There are helmets, elbow guards, chest protectors, batting gloves, and other protective gear, but nothing for the throwing arm- the one thing you NEED to stay in the game,” said Colleran; former athlete who suffered from overuse injuries for over 10 years before losing his baseball career. This loss triggered his extensive journey into biomechanics, and his perseverance to find solutions led him to inventing the Kinetic Arm™. He started his own sports lab, Elite Edge Training Center, in Atlanta 2011 which afforded him the opportunity to build a reputable client base and platform to better assess internal and external performance. This enabled him to collect years of data and feedback from athletes on his prototypes as he developed and improved his design of The Kinetic Arm™. Colleran dedicated the last 20 years mastering biomechanics and MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) to identify and correct neuromuscular dysfunction in athletes to help them stay pain free and avoid his fate.

Jason has been on a mission to educate, inspire, and help athletes succeed with using The Kinetic Arm™. He is excited to offer an effective and efficient tool for athletes that will reduce arm stress, increase velocity, optimize performance, and keep athletes healthy.

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