The Kinetic Arm is the first and only athletic sleeve engineered to give unrestricted support and stability to both the elbow and the shoulder while throwing or swinging.

Kinetic Arm Protect, Perform, Prevent


Research shows that arm overuse injuries are an ongoing problem in competitive throwing and swinging sports. Wearing the Kinetic Arm gives athletes an effective form of arm protection to give them an element of stability as they build strength and speed either in practice or game.

This protective sleeve works by functionally stabilizing and reducing stress on joints during throwing/swinging mechanics.  Its unique patented design has embedded MuscleWeb™ Technology, which acts as a flexible external support system that reinforces natural anatomical function, optimizing mechanics without restricting motion.  The product has been tested and has proven to significantly reduce arm stress that is the leading cause of most overuse injuries.

Kinetic Arm Protective Sleeve

Embedded MuscleWeb™ Design

The Kinetic Arm is known as a multi-joint dynamic arm stabilizer which is unmatched and unrivaled by any other product. Unlike other arm braces designed to immobilize joints, the Kinetic Arm is a dynamic tool engineered to functionally support and stabilize both the elbow and the shoulder while in motion, without restriction.

The internal components are embedded with MuscleWeb™ Technology, a patented bio-web design that gives an external web of support over joints to help stabilize joints while the arm is in weakest range. This added element of external support helps optimize arm mechanics and has proven to offload arm stress up to 30% while throwing or swinging.

This state of the art technology is engineered to pull in the same direction as your muscles to reinforce natural anatomical movement without restricting motion. Giving athletes an effective workload management tool they can wear to help reduce excess wear and tear while they train or compete.



All testing was conducted in different sports labs in the U.S. using the highest standards of wearable IMU sensors and 3D motion capture technology. All data collected has been analyzed by both medical and research professionals, with reports and trial data concluding that wearing the Kinetic Arm sleeve can significantly decrease elbow torque and stress up to 30% while throwing.