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Revolutionary sleeves are helping for arm recovery, workload management, prevention, and protection.

Friday, Feb 23 2024
by Chris Lin

Why volleyball players need to wear the Kinetic Arm

1. The Only Sleeve That Gives Combined Elbow & Shoulder Support: The Kinetic Arm K2 Sleeve might look like a compression sleeve, but it goes beyond compression because it has a patented MuscleWeb™ design with built-in polymers that are engineered to give unrestrictive support to the elbow and shoulder. Wearing this combined elbow and shoulder support helps to actively stabilize the arm to help optimize mechanics and absorb arm stress.

2. Enhanced Arm Conditioning & Training: This dynamic stabilizing sleeve allows athletes to maximize conditioning and training, because they can get more reps in to build strength, power, and endurance with less arm strain and fatigue. Its biomechanical design mimics natural anatomic attachments and function. Giving players controlled arm resistance and multi-joint stability, without limiting range of the arm while swinging or hitting. Empowering players to hit with more power and with less arm strain.

2. Improved Hitting Power As a volleyball player, a powerful hit can turn the game around. The Kinetic Arm's gives targeted support to help reinforce the arm joints, muscles, and ligaments to help optimize mechanics and offload stress when peak stress is the highest, and when the arm is in the weakest range while hitting. By optimizing mechanics and reducing arm stress a player can train and build more strength and power with less wear and tear on their arm, allowing them to unleash their true technique and hitting power.

3. Injury Prevention and Maintaining Arm Health: Volleyball players are susceptible to overuse injuries in the shoulder and elbow. Wearing the Kinetic Arm is the best way for players to safeguard their arm, because it provides combined elbow and shoulder support while helping to promote cleaner arm actions and alleviate harmful stress that can lead to pain and setbacks. The Kinetic sleeve is the best way to ensure players are doing everything they can to take care of their arm health, and minimize arm overuse injury risks.

Volleyball players are prone to shoulder and elbow pain and injuries due to the repetitive and explosive nature of the sport. A revolutionary sleeve has recently emerged in volleyball as the world's first and only dynamic stabilizing sleeve that has proven to offload dynamic arm stress.

Volleyball is considered an overhead activity. Overhead serving, hitting, blocking, and other extreme positions and rotations for hitting and arm swinging are all very repetitive in volleyball and can lead to shoulder pain or overuse injuries. Overuse can lead to elbow bursitis, tendonitis, sprains and strains, along with shoulder pain and injuries like shoulder impingements, rotator cuff tendonitis, and labrum tears.

Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has the second highest participation rate worldwide after soccer. With so many participants playing volleyball it is no surprise that a study done by the Center of Injury Research and Policy estimates there are roughly 58,127 U.S. high school volleyball players injured each year.

The Kinetic Arm sleeve is an imperative tool for volleyball players because it provides the needed external shoulder and elbow support that has proven to reduce dynamic arm stress when peak stress is the highest and when the arm is in the most vulnerable ranges during explosive motions. Wearing this external layer of arm protection can help alleviate stress that can lead to pain, fatigue, and overuse injuries. Protecting the arm from overuse injuries, such as muscle strains, tendinitis, and joint instability.

How Does It Work?

Kinetic Arm sleeves and braces are easy to wear arm care tools that can be worn in practice and game for arm recovery, workload management, prevention and protection. These dynamic arm stabilizers have a patented MuscleWeb™ design that has built in polymers that are strategically placed to give a web of unrestricted support to the arm to absorb and offload stress when peak stress is the highest, and when the arm is in the most vulnerable ranges while throwing and swinging. Wearing the Kinetic Arm will help optimize mechanics and reduce arm stress allowing athletes to train, build strength and power, with less wear and tear on their arm so they can manage workloads, expedite recovery, and continue to play in the game they love.

Proven Dynamic Arm Support

The Kinetic Arm MuscleWeb™ design has been tested and proven to offload dynamic arm stress by stabilizing and reducing the distraction force on the elbow and shoulder during repetitive arm motions. Wearing this external layer of support is like wearing an external muscular system that helps to reinforce the ligaments, joints, and muscles to help promote cleaner arm actions, optimize mechanics, and reduce stress that can lead to fatigue, pain, and overuse injuries.

Dr. Ryan Balmes

DPT, Board-certified clinical specialist in orthopaedics and sports physical therapy

"The Kinetic Arm definitely shows promising uses for not only rehab professionals but also for performance coaches. I foresee that this prototype can usher in a new era of health and performance for throwing athletes."

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Backed by Published Research

The Kinetic Arm is backed by data and published research with studies concluding expedited recovery times and up to 30% stress reduction while throwing. Biomechanics expert and founder of the Kinetic Arm, Jason Colleran has spent over 10 years in research, design, testing, and development of the Kinetic Arm. An independent study carried out with a collegiate athlete by the University of Texas at Tyler demonstrated that there was a significant decrease in arm stress while throwing, and the case study discusses how wearing the Kinetic Arm helped this collegiate athlete who suffered from a shoulder labrum tear expedite his recovery and return to playing pain-free.



What Models Are Available?

The K2 Sleeve is a great choice for volleyball players, because it is an easy to wear solution for everyday practice and play. It has a slim profile that looks and feels similar to compression, but gives the added support to the arm where it is needed most while in practice or game. The K2 sleeve is also available in adult and youth sizes scaling down to 6 years old.

The K1 Brace is a dynamic soft adjustable brace that has a multi-strap system to customize fit and vary support to accommodate different arm care needs during recovery or rehabilitation. This is why the K1 brace has been recommended by medical professionals for players who need maximum arm support during recovery or rehabilitation programs after an injury or surgery.

K1 Brace

K2 Adult Sleeve

K2 Youth Sleeve

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Dr. Alex Beebe, DPT

“The Kinetic Arm has been a game changer in my care for players returning from surgery or injury, along with athletes who are experiencing medial elbow discomfort or shoulder problems. Awesome product with research to back it, I highly recommend.”

Is It Worth It?

If you are a volleyball player, you need to try the kinetic arm so you can feel the added support it gives to your arm, without limiting the motion of your arm swing. The sleeve will not only help you maximize your performance by optimizing mechanics and reducing strain and fatigue, but it will also give you the added support that you need to stay playing pain-free in the game you love.

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