Kinetic Arm Offers Solution to Baseball Arm Injury Epidemic


Kinetic Arm is a Promising Solution for the Arm Injury Epidemic in Baseball

Unfortunately, arm injury rates in baseball continue to rise, and although there have been promising innovations to help elevate baseball along with enhanced regulations there seems to still be an alarming rate of overuse arm injuries every year.


Maybe it's time that we take a step back, re-asses, and start thinking different. With so many contributing factors that can lead to arm overuse injuries that include improper conditioning, preparation, training, and having adequate rest. There are still individual components that are being missed when it comes to physical limitations, previous injuries, growth spurts, and structural weaknesses which can also play a significant role in injury susceptibility. These factors underscore the complexity of the issue and emphasize the need for a multifaceted approach to injury prevention.

The one thing we have not tried is offloading stress externally!  Baseball has been evolving, and now there is a promising solution that is emerging across the nation that has implemented external methods to offload stress during athletic performance; which has been backed by data and published research with proven results showing it is successful in offloading arm stress externally. 

The Kinetic Arm has emerged as a revolutionary tool designed to stabilize the elbow and shoulder, effectively reducing dynamic arm stress while throwing and swinging. Backed by data and published research, the Kinetic Arm has demonstrated its efficacy in mitigating arm injuries by providing support and stability without restricting movement. Giving athletes in throwing and swinging sports an effective arm care solution that can be worn in practice and game as a protective tool that can help maximize performance and minimize injury risks. 

Jason Colleran is the owner and founder of The Kinetic Arm, an innovative sports biomechanics company based in Atlanta, GA. He announced the launch of his new award-winning throwing support sleeves in January 2020. With the goal of solving baseball’s growing  injury epidemic, the Kinetic Arm is now used and recommended by professional athletes, physical therapists, doctors, and coaches at every level.

As a biomechanics consultant, Colleran has had the privilege to work directly with high-level professional athletes, SEC and other collegiate baseball programs, and high school baseball and softball programs to integrate The Kinetic Arm™ as their primary workload management tool. “This is the best I’ve ever felt!” says Matt Ruppenthal, Houston Astros pitcher and former Vanderbilt Commodore. 

The Kinetic Arm offers athletes the first and only wearable external support system that has objective data showing it significantly reduces elbow and shoulder stress while throwing.  Athletes at every level all over the United States and other countries have been seizing this opportunity to optimize their arm path, increase velocity, and offload stress to help prevent injury.

This protective sleeve has been gaining national attention not only by athletes, but also by medical professionals. Dr. Lawrence Lemak, founder of The National Center of Sports Safety reviewed the data and stated that: “The data shows that this sleeve could definitely have an impact in reducing throwing and overuse injuries.”  More professional testimonials can be found on google or on website at

While there are several wearable technologies being used in effort to track pitchers’ data, they do not help decrease arm stress during the process. Despite the increase in technological advancements and attempts to monitor pitch counts, the current arm injury epidemic continues to rise. “There are helmets, elbow guards, chest protectors, batting gloves, and other protective gear, but still nothing for the throwing arm, the one thing you NEED to stay in the game,” said Colleran; former athlete who suffered from overuse injuries for over 10 years before losing his baseball career. This loss triggered his extensive journey into biomechanics, and his perseverance to find solutions led him to inventing the Kinetic Arm™.

He started his own sports lab, Elite Edge Training Center, in Atlanta 2011 which afforded him the opportunity to build a reputable client base and platform to better assess internal and external performance. This enabled him to collect years of data and feedback from athletes on his prototypes as he developed and improved his design of The Kinetic Arm™. Colleran dedicated the last 20 years mastering biomechanics and MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) to identify and correct neuromuscular dysfunction in athletes to help them stay pain free and avoid his fate. 

Jason has been on a mission to educate, inspire, and help athletes succeed with using The Kinetic Arm. He is excited to offer an effective and efficient tool for athletes that will reduce arm stress, increase velocity, optimize performance, and keep athletes healthy.

After looking at the injury rates that continue to soar, it's time to implement real change, and get proactive in trying to offload arm stress externally. 

Resistance to change has been human nature since the beginning, but thousands of athletes have already started to embrace innovative solutions like the Kinetic Arm and are seeing the results first hand. While adopting comprehensive injury prevention strategies, the Kinetic Arm Sleeve offers a solution to better safeguard their arm health and longevity, ensuring they can perform at their best while minimizing the risk of injury.