Jason Colleran, founder of the Kinetic Arm™

Colleran has cultivated relationships and contacts all over the United States, to help him on his mission to expand his movement to help educate and help athletes.  He has actively been working with athletes and coaches with some of the best high school and collegiate programs in the country.  

Jason Colleran was an athlete who started playing baseball at the age of four, and began to struggle with arm pain at age twelve. He kept playing through the pain as most athletes do, and was sidelined his first year of high school due to a slight rotator cuff tear. Struggling to stay pain free, he kept playing and earned a college scholarship and played as much as his arm would allow. The elbow pain forced him to stop playing completely.  Three years later and and after rehabilitation he made a return in the Texas Continental Baseball League, but this time it was a hamstring tear that ended any chance of a professional baseball career. This sparked the beginning of his journey and passion in trying to solve the reasons why athletes break down.

Over the past 20 years Jason has worked as a problem solver and biomechanics consultant for athletes, performance coaches, and medical professionals. He started with the Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist internship in Denver, and soon after traveled to Oklahoma City for the Resistance Training Specialist Mastery level program. Specializing in musculoskeletal and resistance mechanics, Jason opened Elite Edge Training Center in Atlanta as a sports lab in 2012.
Jason Colleran has clientele that ranges from world champions, doctors, physical therapists, million dollar athletes, and all young athletes looking to stay pain free.
His journey and passion working to help athletes led him to design the Kinetic Arm, the first arm protective gear athletes can wear to help optimize mechanics and aid in injury prevention.
Colleran, was a former athlete who suffered from arm injuries for over 10 years before ultimately losing his career. He dedicated his life to baseball, only to lose it all and find himself among so many other devastated athletes. Colleran became adamant to find a solution to help others have a chance to avoid this fate. 
 Colleran spent over half a decade researching, designing, testing, and developing The Kinetic Arm to be the best possible workload management tool for athletes to use and aid in injury prevention.  His adamant passion and devotion to athletes is what launched his never ending pursuit of helping athletes of every level and sport enjoy doing what they love. Colleran is one of the most sought out biomechanics consultants for medical professionals, million dollar athletes, and fitness equipment developers. Elite Edge Training Center is his 14,000 square foot sports performance lab in Atlanta is where he conducts his research and teaches classes about resistance mechanics and the musculoskeletal system. 
This video explains the data and the functionality of this protective gear, and why it will be an essential tool for athletes.



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Overuse injuries like Tommy John surgeries and shoulder injuries have continued to rise in sports at all ages, and remain the largest epidemic in baseball.

These life changing and career ending injuries are what inspired the strenuous six year process of continued testing and refining this innovative product. 

Colleran decided to rename his athletic sleeve and change the name from     The Perfect Arm to Kinetic Arm™ in 2020.  He wanted to call it "kinetic" because this is the first dynamic arm stabilizer that has embedded design functionality that works while an athlete is in motion.



Kinetic Arm™ launched Nov. 2019
First appearance  as  The Perfect Arm™  - Jan. 2020 

Winning "Best of Show" for Most Innovative Product at ABCA in Nashville
SOLD IN EVERY STATE in the U.S + 4 Countries in July 2021


 Kinetic Arm™ will be launching more products at ABCA 2022     


Medical professionals nationwide have been introducing, using, and recommending this protective sleeve to their patients to support their rehabilitation, expedite recovery, and prevent recurring injuries.


 "Jason's experience is unmatched in the Atlanta area. I would definitely recommend him to friends or even patients who are struggling with pain or injuries."

-Dr. Megan Spence, DPT

"Jason Colleran has an incredible grasp of human biomechanics and kinesiology that he applies to his work with patients in the Atlanta Sports community. His knowledge is on par with many of the orthopedic and chiropractic clinicians I've had the pleasure of working with."

-Dr. Jason Weeks, DC

"I was having low back pain, which my sports medicine physician believed was not due to arthritis or a problem with a disc, and he referred me to Jason Colleran for MAT(Muscle Activation Techniques). The therapy worked, relieving pain present for months, and allowing me to regain full activity. Jason is a good resource for preventing and recovering from sports and workout-related injuries, and I highly recommend him."

-Dr. Kevin Sullivan, MD

"I suffered for many years with Achilles tendinitis and recurring muscle tears in my calves.  I had access to multiple modes of treatment and was able to obtain temporary relief only to fall back into the same recurrent injury pattern with any increase in activity.  Using MAT, Jason determined the areas of muscular dysfunction and restored muscular efficiency in my legs in just a few sessions. Further, he provided simple exercises to maintain the benefit.  Over a year later, I now exercise pain free and without limits. I highly recommend Jason and Elite Edge!"

L. Todd Stewart, M.D.


"As a physician and father of a 16 yo pitcher I was fascinated by a rather lengthy advertisement describing the biomechanics of an arm device that specifically protects the joints and tendons from breakdown.  The perfect arm/kinetic arm sleeve provides a way to pitch at a young age while proactively preventing the need for Tommy John surgery and other injuries as well.  I called ‘the company’ to enquire further and was greeted by Jason Colleran, the inventor.  We had a lengthy and truly informative conversation about the arm sleeve, his educational background, and his extensive background in professional sports and sports fitness.  Finally, I’d found a professional who had combined knowledge with a practical application of sports specific mechanics.   One session with the sleeve and my son easily and excitedly recognized the potential benefits when used while pitching and during long toss exercises.   Try it once, and the sleeve will speak for itself.  I can verify that it meets absolute medical and biomechanical  standards. Jason owns a fitness gym, called Elite Edge in Atlanta, Ga.  He spends much of his time training professional football and baseball athletes who are injured or rehabilitating from surgery in addition to highly trained Marshall Arts competitors.  He also offers training for the serious fitness athlete.   He was kind enough to commit to a personal training program for my son who is not injured. He demonstrated  again the benefits of the sleeve and how he specifically translated his knowledge into a practical application that resulted in the kinetic arm sleeve.  We noticed that Jason not only utilizes a series of workouts emphasizing the core and use of ‘explosive’ mechanics but that he does these exercises in a very specific order clearly organized to generate the best possible outcome  in the shortest amount of time.   A synergy of knowledge, experience and competence is rare to find.  My son and I are happy to have found it!"

-Mark Hughes, MD