Jason Colleran was a collegiate athlete when his baseball career ended due to devastating overuse injuries. This life changing event inspired his 20 year devotion to athlete development, a career in Biomechanics, and opening Elite Edge in Atlanta GA.

As a biomechanics consultant he assesses clients for neuromuscular and musculoskeletal dysfunction to help maximize performance and reduce injuries. His experience and vast knowledge in anatomical function led him to develop the Kinetic Arm the first and only dynamic arm stabilizer designed for throwing and swinging athletes that has proven to offload dynamic arm stress.

"My goal is to offer the highest level of dynamic arm care and protection, so athletes can have an effective and wearable tool that will reduce arm stress and increase their longevity, and overall arm health." ~ Jason Colleran, Founder

Photo of Kinetic Arm founder Jason Colleran


Our team is dedicated to our mission to help athletes safeguard their arm by offering the highest level of dynamic arm protection to the sports industry. We are pioneers in offering the first and only dynamic arm stabilizer that provides unrestricted support and has been scientifically proven to offload dynamic arm stress, that can lead to overuse fatigue, pain, and injuries.


Jason & Saechelle Colleran are the pioneers and visionaries behind the revolutionary Kinetic Arm.

Together they have navigated complexities of product design, development, testing, manufacturing, scientific research, marketing, fulfillment, business expansion and securing multiple patents in the U.S. and abroad.

Their ground breaking invention made two appearances on 11 Alive morning show Atlanta & Company in 2023, where they discussed how the Kinetic Arm works and how it is helping players of all ages and levels stay pain free and able to stay playing in the game they love.

This dynamic duo continues to create solutions that are changing lives; driven to evoke a new era of how people think of external assistance, by offering the first dynamic multi-joint support sleeves and braces.


Kinetic Arm has become more than just a product, it has become a movement.

The Kinetic Arm team has been committed to their mission to help athletes by delivering the highest standard of arm protection that is an effective tool used for recovery and injury prevention. The feedback and support from their customers and the medical community has empowered their team to keep expanding outreach and education efforts in the U.S. & abroad.

This movement has built a strong community that has led to collaborative partnerships and exposure to networks who share the same passion for protecting athletes, and want to be included in the efforts to bring Kinetic Arm awareness to parents, athletes, and coaches.


The Kinetic Arm team has been fortunate to have such strong support from customers and growing network of physicians, physical therapists, athletes, biomechanists, pro athletes, former pro athletes, trainers, coaches & parents.

The Kinetic Arm community is built on integrity and passion. It was not long before they had an uproar in raving fans who became inspired to join the movement in helping to raise awareness and protect more athletes and futures.

In 2023, Kinetic Arm launched their affiliate program to reward and empower parents, coaches, weekend warriors, and athletes, to share their experience and spread the word about the Kinetic Arm. Their affiliates are able give discounts to their friends and family, and receive commissions for each sale that could go back to them or their program. Which has helped the Kinetic Arm team expand outreach, protect more athletes, and give back to their community.


The Kinetic Arm won best of show for the most innovative product in 2020 & 2022 at ABCA (American Baseball Coaches Association).

Jason Colleran helping athletes with Kinetic Arm on the baseball field


Colleran, being a former athlete who personally suffered from arm pain for over 10 years, gave him true insight to the arm injury epidemic.  Like many athletes he dedicated his life to the sport, and unfortunately lost it all when he lost his ability to play in college due to multiple overuse injuries. These life changing and career ending injuries are what led him into his career path becoming a biomechanical consultant for athletes and medical professionals in his journey to develop the first dynamic arm stabilizers. This devotion to helping athletes, coaches, and medical professionals has gained him a very reputable presence that continues to grow in the sports and medical industry nationwide and abroad.


Jason Colleran is the owner of Elite Edge Training Center in Atlanta, where he devotes his time to athletes, instructors, coaches, physical therapists, and rehabilitation clients. He has over 20 years experience as an athletic strength coach and trainer, working with high profile athletes and athletes of all levels. His passion has always been to help and educate others, which is why he often makes guest appearances on podcasts and visiting athletic training centers, clinics, and universities to discuss neuromuscular dysfunction, musculoskeletal mechanics, and resistance mechanics. As a Biomechanics Consultant and MAT Specialist, Colleran works directly with athletes of all levels, to help identify and correct neuromuscular imbalances. Having this knowledge and understanding how the body functions gave him a unique skill set to develop the Kinetic Arm.

Jason Colleran collecting data with athletes wearing the Kinetic Arm on the field


Our team has been data driven from the very beginning. After ten years of testing prototypes and collecting data, the Kinetic Arm shows that it can significantly reduce elbow torque and arm stress up to 30% consistently while throwing. All testing was conducted using various IMU sensors and motion capture technology. The collected data has been analyzed by medical professionals, research groups, and biomechanists. We continue to get feedback and data from sports labs nationwide from throwing and swinging athletes wearing the Kinetic Arm. These dynamic arm stabilizers are being recommended by athletes, coaches, and medical professionals all over the U.S. and abroad. The Kinetic Arm™ is evoking a new era of how we currently think of external dynamic arm care, support, and protection.