The majority of overuse arm injuries are found in competitive throwing and swinging sports. Which is why former athlete Jason Colleran developed the Kinetic Arm™ as the first dynamic arm stabilizer engineered for athletes.

Over half a decade was invested in research and development to produce the first dynamic arm stabilizer that could worn to help stabilize and support the arm during throwing mechanics.

"My goal is to offer the highest level of arm protection to athletes, so they can have an effective preventative tool that will reduce arm stress and help increase their longevity, performance, and overall health."



The Kinetic Armwon "Best of Show for most Innovative Product" at the American Baseball Coaching Association (ABCA) in 2020 & 2022.

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Jason Colleran was a collegiate baseball player whose career ended due to injuries.  Being a former athlete who personally suffered with arm pain for over 10 years, gave him true insight to the arm epidemic.  Like many athletes he dedicated his life to the sport, and he unfortunately lost it all when he lost his ability to play in college due to multiple overuse injuries. These life changing and career ending injuries are what pivoted his direction and attention to MAT and biomechanics. Colleran mastered classes in Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) and Resistance Training (RTS), and spent the last 18 years working in his sports lab as a Biomechanics Consultant for professional athletes, coaches, and medical professionals. He became adamant to find solutions that could aid in injury prevention by offloading stress on the throwing arm, the one thing that will keep you in the game. His experience and knowledge led him to develop his innovative sleeve which is designed by an athlete, for an athlete!


Jason Colleran is the owner of Elite Edge Training Center in Atlanta, where he devotes his time to athletes, instructors, coaches, physical therapists, and rehabilitation clients. He has over 20 years experience as an athlete and athletic strength coach and trainer at his facility in Atlanta, where he is often leading classes, training, presenting or making guest appearances on podcasts to discuss neuromuscular function, musculoskeletal mechanics, and resistance mechanics. As a Biomechanics Consultant and MAT Specialist, Colleran works directly with athletes of all levels, to help assess and correct neuromuscular imbalances. He has an adamant passion for educating, problem solving, and innovating. His devotion to wanting to help athletes, coaches, and medical professionals, has gained him a very reputable presence that continues to grow in the sports and medical industry nationwide and abroad. His sleeve has sold in every state in the U.S. and is currently being sold in 5 other countries.


Jason Colleran has been data driven from the beginning, and has invested over 10 years into research, design, and development in effort to make the most effective stress reduction sleeve for athletes. Once his prototypes were developed he spent over 5 years testing and collected data in the field and in his sports lab at Elite Edge Training Center All testing was conducted only with the highest standards of wearable 3D sensor technology available, and all data collected has been analyzed by both medical and research professionals. He worked with all types of throwing athletes so he could get continuous feedback along with his data to evolve his product. Currently the Kinetic Arm™ is being recommended by athletes, coaches, and medical professionals all over the U.S and abroad. This innovative sleeve is evoking a new era and approach to how we think of arm protection and external support. The Kinetic Arm™ is known as the first and only dynamic arm stabilizer to be introduced to the sports industry.

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Elite Edge Training Center in Atlanta won "Best Gym in Atlanta" in 2015, 2017 & 2019.

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Jason Colleran working with Charles Barkley, former professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association and current television analyst, at Elite Edge Training Center in Atlanta GA.


Jason Colleran working with Matt Ryan, American football quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League, at Elite Edge Training Center in Atlanta GA.

Antonio Silva

Jason Colleran working with Antonio Carlos "Bigfoot" Silva, a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist and kick boxer who competed in UFC and Heavyweight division, at Elite Edge Training Center in Atlanta GA.