K1 BioKinetic® Arm Brace
K1 BioKinetic® Arm Brace
K1 BioKinetic® Arm Brace
K1 BioKinetic® Arm Brace

K1 BioKinetic® Arm Brace

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The K1 BioKinetic® Arm Brace is an adjustable soft brace that provides combined elbow and shoulder support. This dynamic brace has a multi-strap adjustable design that allows users to customize the fit and support based on their arm care needs. The K1 BioKinetic® Brace is best used to support recovery and rehabilitation.

K1 Brace in Recovery & Rehab

Recovery & Rehabilitation: The K1 BioKinetic® Arm Brace aids in the rehabilitation of elbow and shoulder injuries by offering support, reducing stress on affected areas, and promoting proper joint alignment during repetitive arm movements. The adjustable design provides additional support to enhance joint stability and promote cleaner arm actions in safer ranges, reducing the risk of injury or re-injury. Ideal for use during progressive loading stages in return to activity or sport rehabilitation programs.

K1 Brace used in different sports for recovery

Built-in MuscleWeb Technology: Unlike rigid arm braces that are designed to limit or restrict motion, the K1 Brace features our built-in MuscleWeb® technology, a flexible design that allows freedom of movement while externally reinforcing the arm's joints, muscles, and connective tissue structures, improving alignment and reducing stress during repetitive arm motions. The MuscleWeb® design in the K1 BioKinetic® Brace is constructed with thicker materials than our kinetic sleeves to provide maximum support and stabilization to help aid in recovery and rehabilitation.

Benefits: By stabilizing the arm in its weakest and most vulnerable ranges, where peak stress is highest, the K1 BioKinetic® Brace helps maintain elbow and shoulder stability, to promote cleaner arm actions in safer ranges, significantly reducing arm stress.

K1 Brace Adjustable Design

Adjustable Design: Featuring an adjustable multi-strap system with rivet Velcro closures, the K1 Brace can be tailored for a customized fit and support, accommodating different stages of recovery and arm care needs.

Use Cases:  Designed to be worn in various physical activities and clinical settings. The K1 should be worn during physical activities that place significant stress on the elbow and shoulder. Follow the recommended usage duration provided a healthcare professional if used for rehabilitation. 

Wear Instructions: The device should be worn according to fitting instructions included in the package with purchase. The device should fit snug and feel comfortable. Adjust straps to secure the device and make sure to follow fitting instructions to ensure proper placement, aligning force paths with the shoulder and elbow to provide even support without restricting motion. 

Easy Care Instructions: 

Hand wash/air Dry

Do not iron or dry Clean

Do not use softeners or harsh chemicals

Product Disclaimer: The K1 BioKinetic® Arm Brace is designed to provide support and stabilization for the elbow and shoulder during various activities. While our product is crafted to aid in recovery and rehabilitation, it is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or before starting any new treatment or exercise program. Use of the K1 BioKinetic® Arm Brace should be as directed by a healthcare professional.The effectiveness of the K1 BioKinetic® Arm Brace can vary based on individual use and adherence to usage guidelines. Kinetic Arm is not responsible for any injuries or damages resulting from improper use or failure to follow product instructions. By purchasing and using the K1 BioKinetic® Arm Brace, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to this disclaimer. Always use the product as intended and consult with a professional if you have any concerns about its use.















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The Kinetic Arm is a revolutionary advancement in arm care aiding in performance, recovery, protection and prevention. These dynamic arm stabilizers are designed to simultaneously safeguard your elbow and shoulder, providing essential support during activities and sports that demand extensive arm use. Wearing these braces or sleeves helps to promote cleaner and safer arm movements while reducing dynamic arm stress that can cause fatigue, pain and overuse injuries. The Kinetic Arm features our built-in MuscleWeb® technology, a flexible design that allows mobility while providing supportand stability during repetitive arm movements such as throwing, swinging, serving, and hitting. Ideal for activities and sports including baseball, softball, volleyball,  javelin, golf, racket sports, the Kinetic Arm helps optimize performance, accelerate recovery, and minimize pain and injury risks.