Kinetic Arm™ Base Layer
Kinetic Arm™ Base Layer
Kinetic Arm™ Base Layer
Kinetic Arm™ Base Layer
Kinetic Arm™ Base Layer
Kinetic Arm™ Base Layer

Kinetic Arm™ Base Layer

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Kyle Farnsworth, Former MLB Pitcher 

 "This sleeve is a must have for all throwing athletes. After pitching with it my arm still felt fresh and like I didn't even throw a bullpen.  The longer you can keep your arm feeling good, the better off you will be." 



Joey Hamilton, Former MLB Pitcher

"After suffering from elbow pain near my UCL for almost a year the Kinetic Arm did something rest and cortisone couldn't do. It took my elbow pain away instantly. I highly recommend Kinetic Arm to help stabilize your arm and build up arm strength." 




  Otis Nixon, Former MLB Center Fielder

"This is going to change baseball!"





            Glenn Hubbard, MLB Coach & Former MLB Player


"This will change the game. In the past as a player, and even now as a coach, some days are half the distance to screens to keep throwing but trying to save the arms. This allows for more game speed throws from any position on diamond. This will NOT ONLY allow the next generation to throw more, but more importantly, PROTECTS the arms of the next generation of players." 



  Fred Corral, Mizzou Pitching Coach

"The Kinetic Arm is probably the most intriguing concept that I have utilized for arm care to date.  Anything that can assist a pitcher's urgency toward pitching  mastery, I am all for. The Kinetic Arm achieves just that!" 




 Dr. Lawrence Lemak, Co-Founder of American Sports Medicine Institute & The National Center for Sports Safety 

"The data shows that this prototype could definitely have an impact in reducing throwing and overuse injuries."




Alex Beebe, PT, DPT, OCS, CSVS, CMT 

"Excellent Product In my line of work I am blessed to treat all levels of baseball players both after an injury for rehabilitation purposes along with healthy athletes in order to promote improved performance and injury prevention. I have searched high and low for good adjuncts to care to get my athletes back on the field as quickly and safely as possible and have finally found an awesome product to aid in injury prevention. Not to mention one that finally has some research popping up to back it. The Kinetic arm has been a game changer in my care plans for players returning from surgery or injury along with the athletes who are experiencing medial elbow discomfort with valgus stress or shoulder problems. I highly recommend this product!





Dr. Ryan Balmes, Board Certified clinical specialist in orthopedics and sports physical therapy.

"The Kinetic Arm definitely shows promising uses for not only rehab professionals but also for performance coaches. I foresee that this prototype can usher in a new era of health and performance for throwing athletes."



Tyler Wallace, PT, DPT, CSCS 

"The Kinetic Arm by all means can be considered a potential and literal game changer for the overhead athlete. The Kinetic Arm has the capacity to reduce harmful stress on the elbow and its non contractile structures, while at the same time allowing for sustained duration and intensity for practices sessions with overhead athletes. The applicability of this product may extend to various sports including baseball, football, tennis, and track and field athletes. As a physical therapist and strength and conditioning coach, I would strongly consider using this product for rehab and training alike to ensure the long term health of my overhead athletic patient or client."






Dr. Edward Kim, PT, MTC, TPI0-M3 

"Not only does the data show a decrease in elbow torque, the Kinetic Arm has the potential to be a great tool for performance and rehabilitation for throwing athletes. After testing it myself and with a few of our golfers, it helped alleviate elbow torque and stress off the trail arm. I'm excited to see the growth of the Kinetic Arm in multiple sports."



 Dr. Jason Weeks, DC, owner of Marietta Physical Rehab and Team Physician of X3 Sports

"Clinicians that recommend using the Kinetic Arm will get their athletes back into play sooner and reduce the risk of re-injury. I highly recommend using this as an easy solution for injury prevention."





Brittany Dowling, MS Director of Research and Validation for Motus Global

"The Kinetic Arm data shows a significant statistical decrease in elbow torque."




 Chris Martin, Head Coach / Southwest Baptist University

"The Kinetic Arm has been a great asset and training tool in our program. Our SS who has battled arm issues to the point of moving to 2B to alleviate the pain and weakness is now back at SS with increased strength and velocity. His comment to us was that "baseball is now fun again." He wears the sleeve daily.

Our pitchers love using the sleeve to warm up. They feel they can almost double their reps during the week due to the strain relieved by the Kinetic Arm.  We are excit3ed to have found the product and look forward to continuing to see its impact on our program."





Adam Revelette,  Pitching Coach at University of Alabama / Birmingham 

"Our pitchers were able to feel a more efficient path and take stress off their arms at the same time with the Kinetic Arm, which is designed with a tremendous amount of thought and research. It made an instant impact in our program."






Jovanni Cruz, Pitching Coach / HS and Travel Baseball



"I think the Kinetic Arm is a great training tool for all throwers. Not only does it help lower stress on your arm, but it also promotes clean arm action. Since having career ending Tommy John surgery, I haven't been able to throw 100% pain free until the first time using the Kinetic Arm."




Sean West, Director of Sports Performance Providence Christian Academy - Former INF coach for Pitt Pirates and 15 year collegiate coach. 

"Jason has created a product that will truly revolutionize the game. The exo-muscular system sleeve helps individuals within the realms of rehabilitation, injury prevention, and strengthening. The Kinetic Arm also increases full speed reps throughout the work week. All position players can now throw full speed every day. Coaching perspective practice planning productivity is now through the roof."  





Brandon Hennessey, Pitching Coach / Emmanuel College

"The Kinetic Arm is a total game changer. I'm not easily convinced by new devices, but I really think this is going to change baseball. It makes a ton of sense and probably the best invention ever for pitchers. As soon as I put it on and threw I could feel a major difference and was also surprised how it did not restrict motion.  We ordered sleeves for our pitchers and heavily recommend our position players get them also. I definitely recommend the Kinetic Arm to everyone I know in baseball."



Chris Telaga, Viper Baseball Academy 

"My son loves it and is using it daily and says he feels no stress on his elbow. He feels like he isn't even throwing a ball. I have also noticed a much cleaner arm path. He has had a slight inverted in the past. It has eliminated that, which puts him in a consistent/correct position at foot strike. He's a junior in high school and has committed to Missouri. He's telling everyone he knows. Bottom line is he loves it and feels like it's making him better!"





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