K2 Youth Sleeve
Youth K2 Sleeve
K2 Youth Sleeve
K2 Youth Sleeve

K2 Youth Sleeve

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The K2 BioKinetic™ Youth Sleeve is a slim-fitting sleeve that goes beyond compression, because it has a built-in polymer system that provides combined elbow and shoulder support while throwing and swinging. The K2 sleeve is an easy-to-wear arm care solution for young growing athletes to help improve mechanics, and safeguard their arms while throwing and swinging in practice or games. This kinetic sleeve is best used for performance, recovery, and protection.

How it Works:  Our patented MuscleWeb™ has a strategic network of polymers that give a web of unrestrictive support to the arm while throwing and swinging.  Wearing this layer of external support helps to reinforce the muscles, joints, and ligaments.  This innovative kinetic sleeve helps to improve mechanics by promoting cleaner arm actions, and offloads stress when peak stress is the highest and when the arm is in the most vulnerable ranges while throwing during acceleration and deceleration.  

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How it Helps Young Athletes: The Kinetic Arm sleeve is an easy-to-wear arm care tool that externally offloads arm stress to help athletes in youth sports reduce arm strain and stress that can lead to fatigue, pain, and overuse injuries. Wearing this external layer of support helps young athletes improve mechanics by promoting cleaner arm actions, and helping to reduce the risk of overuse injuries.

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Nothing Else Like It:  The K2 Sleeve differs from other sports sleeves because it is the first and only dynamic stabilizing sleeve that has an embedded MuscleWeb™ design that gives a web of external unrestricted support to the arm has proven to offload dynamic arm stress. This kinetic sleeve is the first and only to provide full range elbow and shoulder support during dynamic arm motions. Wearing this layer of external support is helping young athletes improve mechanics, accuracy, and consistency, while alleviating arm stress. Making this kinetic sleeve the best dynamic elbow guard, and shoulder guard, for young athletes.


Backed by Scientific Research: The Kinetic Arm sleeves are supported by data and are backed by scientific research proving to reduce arm stress while throwing and swinging significantly, which is why many medical professionals recommend the Kinetic Arm sleeve for prevention and recovery.


Versatile Performance: The K2 youth sleeve is designed to fit young athletes as a safeguard for their arm while participating in throwing and swinging sports. This kinetic sleeve is the ultimate arm protective gear that can be easily worn in practice and games to help optimize performance and minimize injury risks. The kinetic sleeve is designed for athletes in competitive sports, recreational sports, and fitness enthusiasts. These kinetic sleeves are an imperative tool for prevention, recovery, and arm workload management in sports like baseball, softball, javelin, volleyball, football, tennis, pickleball, and golf.


 Customized Comfort: The K2 Youth Sleeve is a lightweight moisture wickening knit compression with high ventilation and stretch zones. These kinetic sleeves have an adjustable strap that can be customized in length for comfort. This easy to wear sleeve offers UV protection in various sports and can be worn easily in practice or under uniform in games, tournaments, or competitions.


Use Cases:   Arm Care, Maintenance, Workload Management, Training, Multi-Sport Everyday Performance and Protection in Practice and Game.

K2 Youth Sleeve Football

Easy Care Instructions:

Hand wash cold with gentle cleanser & air dry

Re-Attach Straps after each use to prevent snagging and fraying 

Do not wash in washer or iron

Do not use softeners

Do not use harsh chemical sprays

Do not dry clean














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The Kinetic Arm is a revolutionary advancement in arm protection, designed to safeguard the elbow and shoulder while throwing, hitting, and swinging to help optimize performance and aid in arm injury prevention. Our embedded patented MuscleWeb™️ design, has been scientifically proven to offload dynamic arm stress that can lead to fatigue, pain, and arm overuse injuries.  If you play competitive or recreational sports, whether it’s baseball, softball, football, volleyball, golf, disc golf, frisbee, javelin, or racket sports these dynamic arm stabilizers can help maximize performance, expedite recovery, and minimize overuse arm injury risks.