Kinetic Arm Sports Softball, Football, Baseball, Tennis, GolfKinetic Arm Sports Softball, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Golf
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"Athletes all over the U.S. and abroad are wearing this new dynamic sleeve to help optimize mechanics, increase velocity, improve throwing accuracy, and reduce arm stress while throwing and swinging."


The Kinetic Arm™ won "Best of Show" at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) in years 2020 & 2022.



The Kinetic Arm has an embedded MuscleWeb™ design that has been backed by data and tested and proven by science to offload arm stress and elbow torque up to 30% while throwing.



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My son is 17 and has used the Kinetic Arm for approx one yar. Can't say enough great things! He uses when throwing bull pen/practic and immediately feels less stress on his arm. He had a 4mph velo jump in a short period time. In his words...his arm feels so much lighter and faster after using. It's a must have!

Kinetic Arm Mother Testimonial
Cari Engert

The data shows that this prototype could definitely have an impact in reducing throwing and overuse injuries.

Dr. Lemak Sports Safety Kinetic Arm
Dr. Lawrence Lemak
The National Center for Sports Safety

This is going to change Baseball!

Atlanta Braves Kinetic Arm
Otis Nixon
American former professional baseball center fielder.

The Kinetic Arm definitely shows promising uses for not only rehab professionals but also for performance coaches. I foresee that this prototype can usher in a new era of health and performance for throwing athletes.

Ryan Balmes Physical Therapist Kinetic Arm Testimonial
Dr. Ryan Balmes
PT, Board-certified clinical specialist in orthopaedics and sports physical therapy

I have been using Kinetic Arm all season in preparation for my starts has given me a multitude of benefits. My arm action felt cleaner, I had increased velocity, and less soreness.  The Kinetic Arm was my go to all season long!

Jonathan Haab
Oglethorpe University starting Pitcher

I can tell you from experience. This sleeve for throwing helps reduce stress on the arm and protects more against misfires when training the body for enhancements that have not been developed yet. Its a safer option when training high intent. Especially if there is soreness and fatigue on myself or a player. Get one.

Dan Lazzaroni Baseball Kinetic Arm Testimonial
Dan Lazzaroni
Former Professional Pitcher/Mobile Pitching Coach

I think the Kinetic Arm is a great training tool for all throwers.  Not only does it help lower stress on your arm, but it also promotes clean arm action.

Coach Cruz
HS and Travel Baseball Pitching Coach

This is probably the most intriguing concept that I have utilized for arm care to date. Anything that can assist a pitcher's urgency toward pitching mastery, I am all for."

Fred Corral Baseball Kinetic Arm
Fred Corral
Mizzou Pitching Coach

I am a physical therapist and have been praciticing for over 20 years. My son tweaked his shoulder and I purchased this product. I am very thankful I purchased it I was skeptical but highly recommend it now.

Shannon L.