The Kinetic Arm™ is designed to operate as an external arm support system to help optimize, stabilize, and reinforce natural anatomical movement. It helps increase velocity and reduces stress on joints without restricting motion.

Kinetic Arm (formerly The Perfect Arm) is the first protective arm gear that athletes can wear to support and absorb arm stress without restricting motion. This protective sleeve is designed to functionally stabilize and reduce stress on joints during throwing and swinging mechanics.  Its unique patented adjustable design has an embedded MuscleWeb Technology, a flexible external support system that reinforces natural anatomical function to functionally support the shoulder and elbow while an athlete is in motion.
The MuscleWeb™ Technology is a biomechanical form of technology that is embedded within the sleeve offering maximum support when the arm is in the weakest range. These internal components reinforce proper alignment to improve mechanics during conditioning and or rehabilitation. This technology is engineered and designed to pull in the same anatomical direction as your muscles to functionally support both the elbow and the shoulder "while in motion." The Kinetic Arm™ is the first "dynamic" arm stabilizer available to athletes.



 This product development is starting to evoke new era in all throwing and swinging sports. This new concept of external assistance is said to be the wave of the future in how we approach or think about all protective gear. This new athletic gear gives athletes an effective workload management tool that offers maximum support when the arm is in the weakest range. Its flexible adjustable design reinforces proper alignment to help improve mechanics during conditioning and or rehabilitation. It is the internal components of the MuscleWeb™ Technology that support and stabilize proper mechanics. This functional support offloads stress and fatigue on joints to help an athlete increase or sustain velocity while prolonging performance. 

"The Kinetic Arm definitely shows promising uses for not only rehab professional, but performance coaches. I foresee this device ushering a new era of health and performance for throwing athletes." - Dr. Ryan Balmes, Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedics, Sports Physical Therapy, and owner of ENDVR Health. CLICK HERE for ENDVR Podcast with Dr. Balmes & Jason Colleran 



 Jason Colleran explains the data and functionality of the Kinetic Arm™    

The reports and trial data on the  The Kinetic Arm™  conclude that wearing this sleeve will significantly decrease elbow torque and stress during throwing mechanics. Offloading even 5% stress and torque to the joints can help reduce risk of overuse injury.  This preventative stress reduction sleeve that has shown to reduce elbow torque by 10-30%  during throwing mechanics.

All testing modules have been conducted in a sports lab with the highest standard sensor technology available to Major League Baseball.  

The Kinetic Arm™ (formerly The Perfect Arm) 


 The data and feedback from athletes contributed to the development and design of the Kinetic Arm. All testing has been conducted with the highest standards of wearable 3D sensor technology available, and all data collected has been analyzed by both medical and research professionals. It is currently being recommended by athletes, coaches, and medical professionals as an effective wearable tool to help athletes correct arm path, reduce fatigue and increase velocity, while aiding in reducing risk of arm injury.


Video shows an example of a pitcher throwing at full effort with and without the sleeve. The numbers illustrate that while he was wearing the sleeve he was able to decrease elbow Varus torque while maintaining ball velocity.