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Elbow and shoulder injuries have increased 44% from just a year ago, according to Baseball Prospectus Research. 

An article published by USA Today in June 2023, addressed the major league arm injuries in an article titled:MLB continues to be stricken with nightmare epidemic: Elbow Injuries.

In this article, the author wrote: "Ballclubs have better and more knowledgeable doctors, trainers and physical therapists than ever before. They’re equipped with the nation’s top medical researchers. They have the latest in technology. And yet. …. Baseball continues to be stricken with their nightmare epidemic: Elbow injuries. Day after day, team after team, someone is undergoing Tommy John surgery."

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Arm overuse injuries in younger athletes have been a growing concern, especially in travel ball. Adolescent and young athletes going through growth spurts are at a higher risk for overuse arm pain and injuries due to the repetitive and excessive stress on their arm and growing musculoskeletal system while throwing.

Up to 50% of youth baseball players experience upper extremity pain during their season, and overuse injuries of the shoulder and elbow are a growing concern among sports medicine practitioners.

Repetitive arm actions cause wear and tear on the arm over time, which means we need to start offloading stress externally in addition to the other injury prevention strategies if we are going to help these athletes protect their arms.

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If we want to continue to have baseball as America's Pastime, then we need to get proactive in making arm injury prevention top priority.

We need to approach injury prevention from a new perspective and come to the realization that the attempts and efforts towards preventing preventable injuries are not working.

As baseball evolves the demands have only amplified and intensified in year round participation, travel ball, and showcasing, resulting in athletes chasing velocity at all costs. Arm injury rates continue to rise from youth baseball to the major leagues, even with the drastic steps that have been taken in effort to reduce overuse injuries with regards to pitch counts, throwing regulations, and training protocols.

Despite the increase in technological advancements and attempts to monitor pitch counts, overuse arm injuries are still prevalent because there are still too many variables that are being missed when it comes to athlete assessments, training protocols, understanding structural limitations, growth spurts, and physiological adaptations. It's time we reassess what we are doing and not doing.

If we are ever going to make a difference in arm injury recovery and prevention, we need to start offloading arm stress externally in addition to current efforts and injury prevention strategies.

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The Kinetic Arm sleeve offers the most promising solution for the arm injury epidemic that has data and published research supporting its efficacy. It has been scientifically proven to decrease elbow torque and reduce dynamic arm stress up to 30% while throwing.

This new arm protection sleeve has been integrated into multiple sports with great success, and is becoming an imperative device for athletes, in helping to optimize performance, expedite recovery, and aid in injury prevention.


The Kinetic Arm has a patented MuscleWeb™ design which has a web network of strategically placed polymers engineered to give unrestricted support and stability to the arm while throwing, swinging, and hitting. This revolutionary design is like putting on an external muscular system, because it mimics natural anatomical function without restriction. Wearing this arm protection will help to keep the arm in safer ranges and externally absorb stress when the arm is in the weakest ranges during repetitive and explosive arm actions.


Reports conclude wearing the Kinetic Arm dynamic arm stabilizers can decrease elbow torque and significantly offload dynamic arm stress while throwing.

Over 10 years of data has been collected in sports labs nationwide. All testing was conducted using the highest standards of wearable IMU sensors and 3D motion capture technology. Data collected has been analyzed by both medical and research professionals.

Medical Professionals are recommending these dynamic arm stabilizers to athletes for workload management, training, recovery, and prevention.

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Our team has been athlete inspired and data driven since the very beginning. Our mission is to provide the highest level of dynamic arm protection to athletes, so they have an effective and wearable tool that can be worn in practice and game to help reduce arm stress and maximize performance.



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Wearing these dynamic arm stabilizers helps improve player development by promoting cleaner and more consistent arm actions to help optimize mechanics and throwing accuracy while reducing arm stress. Giving athletes the best arm protective sleeve that can offload dynamic arm stress while while they are developing strength, technique, and skills.

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By optimizing mechanics and reducing arm stress, athletes can get the reps needed to build strength and power to gain and sustain velocity while alleviating excess wear and tear on their arm. Giving athletes and pitchers an effective protective arm guard so they can have a safer approach when training to gain and sustain velocity.

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These dynamic shoulder elbow braces and sleeves provide unrestricted support and stability to the elbow and shoulder, to help reduce stress when the arm is in the weakest and most vulnerable ranges and peak stress is the highest. Giving athletes an effective stress reduction sleeve that can be worn for recovery and prevention in practice and game.


It is important that we do everything we can to help protect our young athletes, especially when they are learning and going through growth spurts that put them at a higher risk for overuse arm pain and injuries such as Little League Elbow and Little League Shoulder.

The Kinetic Arm K2 youth sleeve is the best youth elbow guard and shoulder guard that can be worn in practice or game while throwing and swinging. This Kinetic sleeve is an imperative tool for young athletes to help improve mechanics and protect their arm as they grow, learn, and play in the sport they love.


Invest and protect your arm so you can stay in the game doing what you love.


K1 Brace

The K1 Brace is designed for recovery and rehabilitation. It's a great choice for athletes who need extra and variable support when coming back from pain or injury. This movement arm brace is the ultimate custom elbow guard and shoulder guard for athletes needing external dynamic support during return to throw programs.

The Kinetic Arm brace is a dynamic soft brace that has a multi-strap system that can be adjusted to vary the support to help accommodate different arm care needs.


K2 SLeeve

The K2 sleeve is designed for performance and protection. This is a great choice for baseball players wanting to safeguard their arm while throwing and swinging in practice and games.

This slim-fitting kinetic sleeve has an adjustable strap to customize fit. The chest part of the sleeve can be shifted to vary shoulder support and accommodate different arm actions without restriction. Giving athletes the best arm protection while throwing and swinging.


K2 Youth SLeeve

The K2 Youth Sleeve is designed for young athletes to help optimize mechanics and reduce arm stress that can be worn in practice or game.

This lightweight slim-fitting sleeve has an adjustable strap for a customized fit. The chest part of the sleeve can be shifted slightly to vary shoulder support and accommodate different arm actions without restriction. Giving young athletes the best youth elbow guard and shoulder guard while growing, learning, and playing in the sport they love.

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K1 Braces & K2 Sleeves
Worn in Games

The Kinetic Arm has been worn in games by pitchers, catchers, and positional players from little league up to Division 1 levels.

The Kinetic Arm K2 Sleeve has an ultra slim-fit design making it easy to wear comfortably under uniforms in game, and can easily be covered by uniform color sleeves if needed.


The Kinetic Arm has been worn in practice and games nationwide and abroad. These dynamic arm braces and sleeves have received newsworthy attention in Japan. Many iconic players in Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) wear the Kinetic Arm as a tool to help with workload management and recovery to protect their arm so they can stay competing at the highest level. Celebrity players such as Shota Imanaga, currently with the Chicago Cubs, have worn the Kinetic Arm brace and Kinetic sleeve during practice and games.

Shota Imanaga and professional baseball players wearing Kinetic Arm


Both the K1 Brace & K2 Sleeve are worn by pitchers, catchers, and positional players depending on arm care needs.

The K1 Brace is designed to help athletes with workload management and is best used for recovery and rehabilitation.

The K1 is a dynamic soft brace that has a multi-strap system that can be adjusted to vary support and act as an active constraint during return to throw programs, because it helps with acceleration and deceleration control by externally stabilizing the arm and offload stress.

The K2 Sleeve is a slim-fitting sleeve designed for performance, recovery, and protection, that is best used for athletes who want to safeguard their arm in practice and game.

The K2 kinetic sleeve has a lightweight slim profile that can easily be worn comfortably under uniforms during a game.

The Kinetic Arm has a built in patented MuscleWeb™ design that has been scientifically proven to offload dynamic arm stress.

This exclusive MuscleWeb™ design has a strategic network of polymers built into the dynamic arm stabilizers that are designed to externally reinforce and stabilize the shoulder and elbow to offload stress when peak stress is the highest, when the arm is in weakest ranges while throwing and swinging.

Wearing this external support helps to offload the muscular system and connective tissue during repetitive arm actions to help alleviate stress that can lead to fatigue, pain, and overuse injuries.

This is why the Kinetic Arm has been referred to as the best elbow guard, and dynamic arm protection for baseball.

Rules are at discretion in different sports and leagues.

With regards to baseball there are no rules stating that you cannot wear a sleeve underneath uniform. As long as it is a solid color and is not distracting to the hitter.

The Kinetic Arm braces and sleeves have been worn in game in Little League up to Division 1 because it does not violate rules or regulations. Major Leaguers have worn the Kinetic Arm and are just required to wear their sponsored uniforms over it.

The Kinetic Arm is not a neoprene sleeve or rigid brace, it is a safeguard for the arm for throwing and swinging athletes.

MLB Official rules: 3.03 Player Uniforms (e) Sleeve lengths may vary for individual players but the sleeves of each individual player shall be approximately the same length; no player shall wear ragged, frayed or slit sleeves; and no pitcher shall wear sleeves that are white, gray, nor, in the judgment of an umpire, distracting in any manner.


Uniforms SECTION 14: Any part of an undershirt exposed to view shall be of the same solid color other than white. Sleeve lengths may vary for each individual, but each player
must wear sleeves of approximately the same length (torn or ragged sleeves are
prohibited). Compression-type sleeves, if worn by a pitcher, must be covered
by an undershirt or worn on both arms. A uniform shall not contain a pattern
that imitates or suggests the shape of a baseball.

NFHS Rules: Section 4 - UNIFORMS: 1-4-2   For individual players, uniform sleeve lengths may vary. However, sleeves of each individual player shall be approximately the same length and shall not be ragged, frayed or slit. If the pitcher’s undershirt sleeves are exposed, they shall not be white or gray. Compression sleeves that are solid black or solid dark-colored shall be the only colors allowed to be worn by the pitcher below his elbow. A pitcher shall not wear any item on his hands, wrists or arms which may be distracting to the batter. A pitcher shall not wear white or gray exposed undershirt sleeves or any white or gray sleeve that extends below the elbow. A vest and coordinating shirt that is worn underneath is viewed as a type of uniform top.

Little League Rules:

Rule 1.11a (3) Any part of the pitcher's undershirt or T-shirt exposed to view shall be of solid color. The pitcher's undershirt sleeves, if exposed, shall not be white or gray. Neoprene, if worn by a pitcher, must be covered by undershirt.

The Kinetic Arm K2 Sleeve is not a Neoprene sleeve.

K1 Brace - Polyester, Silicone, Spandex, Nylon, Polycarbonate, and TPR Neoprene seams.

K2 Adult Sleeve - Nylon, Polyester & Spandex

K2 Youth Sleeve - Nylon & Spandex.

No. The Kinetic Arm sleeves and braces do not restrict motion or change delivery.

These dynamic arm stabilizers are lightweight and flexible designed to synchronize with all arm actions. Athletes can move the way they want, just with added arm support and stability.

Straps allow adjustability to customize fit and support.

If any restriction is felt, simply loosen the strap or shift the chest part either toward the throwing arm or glove side. These simple adjustments are included in the fitting instruction videos to help athletes optimize support and accommodate different arm actions.

Does the K1 shoulder elbow brace restrict movement?

No, the K1 shoulder elbow brace does not restrict movement. This soft brace is engineered with flexibility in mind to synchronize with various arm actions. If any restriction is felt straps can be adjusted or the chest part of the brace can be shifted to vary support depending on arm care needs.

No. There have been no signs or reports of muscle atrophy with long term use, because of the generated force that is required to throw or swing.

Thus, athletes are still be able to build strength and necessary physiological adaptations because the muscles still have to engage to generate force to throw or swing.

Wearing the Kinetic Arm will just help absorb some of the stress and decrease distraction forces on the joints when peak stress is the highest, and when the arm is in the weakest ranges while throwing and swinging.

The Kinetic Arm helps with player development because it helps to promote cleaner arm actions, and optimize mechanics by not letting your arm lag behind or go into vulnerable positions while throwing.

The embedded MuscleWeb™ design is like wearing an external muscular system. It has a strategic network of built-in polymers that mimic natural anatomical function and pull in the same direction as your muscles to reinforce efficient movement patterns.

This is especially useful during repeatable arm actions which can cause fatigue, and where the arm usually will start to lag behind as the body rotates which can cause excess stress on the elbow and impingement at the shoulder, and more stress on the labrum.

Wearing unique external arm support helps absorb stress when peak stress is the highest, and when the arm is in the weakest ranges during acceleration and deceleration.

This arm care tool is the best baseball arm protection for repetitive arm actions while throwing and swinging.



"100% love it and it works. I've been using the Kinetic arm for over a year now. and it has totally helped me with a better arm slot and velocity. The Kinetic Arm has kept my arm from injuringmore than it is..I have a tear in my rotator cuff for 2 plus years now that does not need surgery. I am 65 years old, and I am a catcher, it has helped me tremendously."

Billy Bowerman
K1 Brace

"I have coached baseball for 37 years, having been a head coach on every level college down to T-ball. In those 37 years the Kinetic Arm is the single best training aid I have encountered. I have 3 sons playing baseball and I purchased each a Kinetic Arm. The results have been incredible! The Kinetic Arm is the perfect tool, that rare item that can literally be used every day, in practice and games."

Jeff Slinkard
K2 Sleeve

"Great product for proper arm care. Multiple sports applications. Awesome preventative armcare support for youth sports development. Product promotes proper arm slot while throwing. Definitely a staple in our off season throwing. My kid looks forward to using it every practice."

Justin Hamilton
K2 Youth Sleeve

"The Kinetic Arm is the real deal! I started using KA 13 months after I had Tommy John Surgery and it completely changed the rest of my rehab for the better. Now two years later playing professional baseball I feel better than ever! I would highly recommend the Kinetic Arm for any overhead athlete of all ages and even for the weekend warrior crowd. It helps to keep you on the field feeling fresh!"

Ian McMahon
K1 Brace

"We bought the K2 thinking it was a gimmick, but we won't be returning the K2 because it really does work. My son is a high school pitcher that had issues getting into the ideal take back position. The feedback the K2 gives him has helped fix that issue. The K2 has helped clean up and reinforce good mechanics. My son wore it to practice and tryouts. WIth a shirt over top, it looks like a fancy sleeve. Try it. You'll find, like we did, that the K2 is not a gimmick at all, and really works!"

Alan V.
K2 Sleeve

"I am a recruiting coordinator and pitching coach and the Kinetic Arm has truly changed the game for our pitching staff. In the 5 months of having the kinetic arm we have had velocity increases, less soreness, and players who had pain before are experiencing pain free throwing. It has also allowed our pitchers to throw at a higher intensity during the week without jeopardizing their health. We have had a few guys even wear it in game. It has helped in so many areas and I cannot stress how valuable the Kinetic Arm is."

Chris Rodriguez
K2 Sleeve

"My son began complaining this year of arm fatigue and soreness when he pitched. Even though we track his pitch count and rest days, he was still sore. I decided to try the Kinetic Arm. Since then he has had ZERO fatigue or soreness. It has been a total game changer! His accuracy and speed have improved as well since he less sore! I would recommend this to any young pitcher!!!"

Jennifer Gaylord
K2 Youth Sleeve

"From the moment I put it on the sleeve I felt like I had a new arm. With Tommy John surgery plaguing pitchers who are now trying to throw 100mph+ this is the best invention to protect your arm. It prevents you from hyperextending and keeps your arm in a perfect slot to throw accurately, and perfectly every time."

Ruddy Perez
K2 Sleeve

"I was pretty skeptical at $100 price range for a youth sleeve, but knew I had to try something. Literally from the first few practices until his first game trying it out we have had NO pain. He wet thru two innings, throwing full speed fastball at least 40 pitches with zero complaints about arm pain. Amazing We are satisfied beyond measure."

Daniel I.
K2 Youth Sleeve