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Fitting instruction videos are available to show how to make adjustments for maximum support.



These guidelines will help you to select the right Kinetic Arm™ size based on specified measurements illustrated in charts below.

Measurement Guidelines
K1 Brace
Measurement Guidelines
K2 Adult Sleeve

*Please note some torso sizes will need to request a longer extension strap.

Measurement Guidelines

K2 Youth Sleeves- Ages 6+


Video Explanation

The Kinetic Arm K1 Brace is designed and recommended for athletes who play in high-intensity and or high-volume throwing sports.  Best option for workload management, recovery and rehabilitation throwing programs. This is because the K1 Brace has a multi-adjustable strap system to help customize fit and tension to assist in acceleration and deceleration control.

The K2 Sleeve is designed for people to wear in practice and game. Players of all levels who participate in throwing and swinging sports.

K2 Sleeve is designed for adult and youth players ages 6+. The youth sleeve is engineered to give a layer of arm protection to growing athletes to improve arm mechanics, consistency, while reducing arm stress that contributes to most arm overuse injuries.

* Athletes do alternate between using the K1 and K2.

This athletic sleeve works by functionally stabilizing the shoulder and elbow to help optimize mechanics and reduce arm stress during throwing and swinging mechanics.  Our dynamic arm stabilizers have an embedded MuscleWeb™ design, that gives an external web of support to help reinforce natural anatomical function, without restricting motion.  These dynamic arm stabilizers have been tested and proven to significantly reduce arm stress that is the leading cause of most arm overuse injuries. Click Here for Video

These dynamic sleeves help optimize mechanics by promoting cleaner arm actions, and not letting your arm go into vulnerable positions or dangerous ranges while throwing and swinging. It helps reinforce and support the shoulder and elbow when the arm is in weakest range. During repeatable arm actions the arm can fatigue and start to lag behind as the body rotates which can cause stress on the elbow and impingement at the shoulder, and more stress on the labrum. The internal components are flexible and pull in the same direction as your muscles to reinforce efficient movement patterns.


The Kinetic Arm™ is engineered to promote cleaner arm actions, while reducing arm stress when the arm is in weakest range. By optimizing mechanics and reducing arm stress, athletes can have safer progressions to help gain and sustain velocity. This dynamic arm tool has been tested and proven to decrease elbow torque and reduce arm stress up to 30% while throwing. Externally reducing arm stress allows athletes to increase reps and arm strength with less arm strain, stress, and fatigue.

Video Explanation: Click Here

The Kinetic Arm™ dynamic arm stabilizers have a built in patented MuscleWeb™ design. This strategic network of elastomers reinforces and stabilizes the shoulder and elbow to offload stress and reduce arm strain when the arm is in weakest range.

Wearing this external support helps to offload the muscular system and connective tissue during repetitive arm actions to help aid in arm overuse injury prevention.





No. The Kinetic Arm™ does not restrict motion or change delivery. These dynamic sleeves are lightweight, flexible, and designed to synchronize with all arm actions. Every sleeve can be adjusted to customize fit and tension to support different arm care needs pertaining to the shoulder and or elbow. These dynamic arm stabilizers can be worn over or under uniform.  

(If any restriction in range of motion is felt, simply loosen the strap).

Yes. There are no existing rules in baseball stating that you cannot wear a sleeve underneath uniform. As long as it is a solid color and is not distracting. Rules are at discretion in different sport leagues.

Little League Rule updated 2023 season

Rule 1.11a (3) Any part of the pitcher's undershirt or T-shirt exposed to view shall be of solid color. The pitcher's undershirt sleeves, if exposed, shall not be white or gray. Neoprene, if worn by a pitcher, must be covered by undershirt.

No. The Kinetic Arm™ is an arm care tool that reduces arm stress. There have been no signs or reports of muscle atrophy with long term use, because of the force generated and required to throw or swing.

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The answer is NO.

The Kinetic Arm sleeve is designed as an arm care tool rather than a performance enhancer.

While wearing the sleeve may have benefits for throwing and swinging athletes, such as improved mechanics, enhanced joint stability, and reduced arm stress and fatigue, its effects on performance may vary from individual to individual.

The K2 sleeve offers compression and support features aimed to optimize mechanics and reduced arm stress by providing external joint stabilization while throwing and swinging. These factors can contribute to better muscle activation, increased proprioception, reduced fatigue, and potentially improved throwing mechanics. However, it's important to note that the Kinetic Arm sleeve alone is not a performance enhancer, as performance in sports depends on a combination of factors, including technique, strength, conditioning, and overall training regimen. VIDEO EXPLANATION

Unlike traditional arm braces that are designed to immobilize or limit motion, the Kinetic Arm™ gives full range arm support without restriction while throwing and swinging.

Anyone who participates in throwing and swinging sports and or recreational activities.

Both the K1 Brace & K2 Sleeve are worn by pitchers and catchers.

The K1 Brace is a great workload management and arm care training tool for pitchers and catchers. It is also the best arm recovery and rehabilitation option since it has an adjustable multi-strap system to adjust tension to assist with acceleration and deceleration control.

The K2 Sleeve is also worn by pitchers and catchers as a layer of protection on lighter days, or under uniform in game.



Yes. The K2 Youth Sleeve scales down to ages 6+ .

The K1 and K2 are used in both youth and teen sports depending on size and arm care needs.

Proper fitting and adjustment instructions are included in box with purchase.

There are also Kinetic Arm fitting instruction videos available to watch online that will give a visual demonstration on how to make fitting adjustments to help maximize benefits.

Available on our YouTube channel.

It is recommended to wear a lightweight shirt or base layer under the Kinetic Arm™ to prevent skin friction.

However, there have been a lot of athletes who prefer to not wear an undershirt or base layer.

The Kinetic Arm™ base layer has an ergonomic design to help keep the seams off high abrasion areas, increasing durability and comfort, with thumb access holes to help you keep the base layer in place while putting on or adjusting sleeve.


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