Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How to put on and make fitting adjustments to maximize the benefits of wearing the Kinetic Arm™?  


Q:  How does the Kinetic Arm™ work?

A:  This athletic gear works by functionally stabilizing and reducing stress on joints during throwing/swinging mechanics.  Its unique patented design has embedded MuscleWeb™ Technology, which acts as a flexible external support system that reinforces natural anatomical function, optimizing mechanics without restricting motion.  The product has been tested and has proven to significantly reduce arm stress that is the leading cause of most overuse injuries.

Q: How is this sleeve different then a compression sleeve?

A:  The Kinetic Arm™ provides more protective benefits than traditional compression sleeves. Athletes can wear it for extra functional support to help optimize mechanics, and as protective gear.  The Kinetic Arm™ is the first dynamic multi-joint stabilizer to be introduced to the throwing sports industry.  It is recognized as an efficient workload management tool to aid in injury prevention and increase longevity, performance, and overall health of athletes.

Q: How does the Kinetic Arm help optimize mechanics?

A:   The Kinetic Arm helps optimize mechanics by not letting your arm go into vulnerable positions or dangerous ranges. As you fatigue the arm can tend to lag behind as the body rotates which causes impingement at the shoulder, and more stress on the labrum. The internal components pull in the same direction as your muscles to reinforce an efficient movement pattern

Q: How does the Kinetic Arm help to sustain and or increase velocity?

A: The Kinetic Arm reduces stress and fatigue to the joints allowing you to throw harder and longer.

Q:  How does the Kinetic Arm reduce arm stress during throwing or swinging motion?

A:  The internal components are designed to offload the muscular system and connective tissue. This extra added layer of protection absorbs stress that would otherwise be harmful.  

Q: Who can wear the Kinetic Arm™ sleeve?

A:  The Kinetic Arm™ is designed for athletes (men and women) who engage in repetitive throwing and swinging sports.  It was originally designed for baseball/softball players as a workload management tool to aid in injury prevention. However, the sleeve was quickly adopted by other athletes that engage in throwing and swinging motions such as softball, football, tennis, golf, lacrosse, javelin, and cricket etc.

Q:  Is the sleeve designed just for pitchers? 

A:  No.  The Kinetic Arm™ is being used by all position players as a support sleeve to help protect and condition their arm.

Q:  Is it bulky?

A:  No. The slim fitting lightweight design contours to the shape of your torso and arm, so it can easily be worn under a practice shirt or jersey. 

 Q: Does it restrict motion?

A:  No. You can adjust how much assistance and support comes from the sleeve in acceleration as well as deceleration by adjusting the tension of the straps.  If any restriction is felt, simply loosen the strap.

 Q:  Can I wear the sleeve in the game?

A:    Yes.  There are no existing rules stating that an elbow or shoulder support system cannot be worn during games. Both collegiate and high school athletes have worn the sleeve under their jersey or shirts during the game. This sleeve is a form of protective gear.

Q: How do I know if I am wearing the sleeve correctly?

A:  An instructional video will be emailed to you after placing order to give proper instruction on how to wear and adjust the sleeve.

Q:  Should I wear a shirt under the Kinetic Arm™?

A:  Yes. It is recommended to wear a lightweight shirt under the Kinetic Arm™ to prevent skin friction or irritation.

Q:   When should I wear the sleeve?

A:   It is recommended to wear the sleeve while you are engaging in the highest amounts of reps or max effort during practice or pregame. 

Q:  What are the long-term effects from wearing the Kinetic Arm™?

A:  You reduce the accumulated stress that leads to fraying or tears to the elbow and shoulder.

Q:  Will my arm become dependent on the sleeve?

A:  No. We conducted studies using the Motus sensor to measure the effects of the sleeve short term and long term on elbow torque and stress.  Studies show the sleeve offloads significant amount of stress, but there was no signs of atrophy to the muscle and or active tissue due to the amount of  force still required to throw.

Q: How do I know what size to order?

A: The sleeve is a one size fits all for juniors up to XL adult size. There are adjustable straps to adjust to different arm and chest girths.

(Additional extension straps available if needed).

Q: Is there a youth model?

A:  Yes. The youth model will be available by spring season 2022. 

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Q:  How do I clean my sleeve?

A:  We recommend to hand wash your sleeve using a gentle disinfectant or mild antibacterial soap, and let it air dry.  Do not machine wash.

Q:  How long does the sleeve last?

A: It depends on the individual on how well they take care of their sleeve, and how often it is used. The sleeve is extremely durable, but we recommend a new sleeve if heavily worn during the season to ensure maximum protection and support for your arm.

Q:  How does a pre-order work?

A: Pre-ordering allows you to reserve your product early and it will ship to you on the first date available.

Q:  How long does it take to process the order and ship?

A:  Allow 24 hours for your order to process.  Domestic shipments usually take 3-4 business days. International shipping varies but usually takes 6-10 business days.

Q:  What is the return policy?

A: We have a 30 day return policy on our product.  The product must be returned in good condition to get a full refund.  Click here for return and refund policy. 

Q: What is the best way to contact the company if I have a question?

A:  If you have any questions, please click here  to contact us.

(Average response time is 24 hours or the next business day).  

Q:  Why do people join Kinetic Arm as an Affiliate?

A:  Athletes all over are seizing the opportunity to join The Kinetic Arm™ as an affiliate to be part of something bigger then just selling a product, they are joining the movement unlike any other to help athletes optimize mechanics and reduce injury risk in all throwing and swinging sports. If you are a current or former pro-athlete, celebrity, coach, athlete, influencer, trainer, physical therapist, or individual with a strong circle of influence in sports we encourage you to join us on our mission to protect athletes. 

Q: How do I become an Affiliate for Kinetic Arm™?

A:  Start by filling out our screening questionnaire application available on site. We will review your application along with your social media platforms and or website to validate if it is good match for our audience.  Once approved we email you a link to login to our Affiliate Software Program and access your account so you can track your visitors, customers, and orders.   You will be provided an Affiliate ID that is associated with your own link, and marketing banner links that you can share with your referrals.  When a visitor clicks on your link, they will be re-directed to the shop on our site at  After they make a purchase with your link, you will receive commission.  Its that simple!  Commission structures and levels are based on performance and audience reach.  Click here for sign up link