How the Kinetic Arm is helping Volleyball Players

Volleyball players are prone to arm and shoulder injuries due to the repetitive nature of the sport. The Kinetic Arm is the best arm care tool for volleyball players because it provides external elbow and shoulder support and stability to help reduce arm stress during layback and protect the arm from overuse injuries, such as muscle strains, tendinitis, and joint instability.  

Volleyball is a sport that demands explosive movements, precise techniques, and relentless determination. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a passionate enthusiast, the Kinetic Arm K2 Sleeve is a game changer and the ultimate training companion.

1. Enhanced Arm Conditioning

The Kinetic Arm is more than just a sleeve; it has a patented MuscleWeb™ design with built-in elastomers engineered to offload arm stress, so athletes can build strength, agility, and endurance with less stress and fatigue. Its biomechanical design, gives controlled resistance during practice and games. This targeted conditioning empowers you to spike harder, serve with more power, and set with precision.

2. Improved Spiking Power

As a volleyball player, a powerful spike can turn the game around. The Kinetic Arm's MuscleWeb™ design specifically targets and supports the arm while spiking, helping you train to build strength and power with less  stress and fatigue.  

3. Injury Prevention and Arm Health

 Volleyball players are susceptible to overuse injuries like shoulder and elbow strains. The Kinetic Arm is designed to offload arm stress when the arm is in weakest range to help athletes avoid injuries and increase longevity. 

How to Choose Between the K1 or K2?

The Kinetic Arm K1 and K2 are worn by volleyball players depending on their arm needs and preferences.

 The K1 is a dynamic arm brace recommended for players who need maximum arm support or for recovery. The adjustable tension helps give more targeted support to vulnerable areas in the shoulder and elbow to accommodate different arm care needs. 

The K2 Sleeve is a great choice for athletes who want a slimmer fit with moderate elbow and shoulder support for everyday practice and play.  The K2 Sleeve comes in adult and youth sizes scaling down to 6 years old.