The Kinetic Arm: Worn by Japan's Baseball Pros

Nippon Professional Baseball or NPB is the highest level of baseball in Japan, from iconic leagues to historic triumphs in the World Baseball Classic (WBC).  In recent years something extraordinary has been brewing in the world of Japanese baseball, the Kinetic Arm.  This revolutionary technology that is helping professional players reach new heights by helping to maximize their performance and minimize overuse pain and injury risks. Today, we’ll explore the incredible journey of Japanese baseball players embracing the kinetic arm sleeve, and how it’s changing the game.

Kinetic Arm NPB Japanese Baseball

The Kinetic Arm: A Proven Game-Changing Innovation

The Kinetic Arm or the kinetic arm sleeve or brace is a dynamic arm stabilizer, an innovative arm care solution designed to help baseball players promote cleaner arm actions, and offload dynamic arm stress that can lead to fatigue, pain, and overuse injuries.  It utilizes patented cutting-edge MuscleWeb™ design that has been scientifically proven to reduce arm stress by stabilizing the elbow and the shoulder while throwing and swinging without restriction. Wearing this external assistance and reducing arm stress allows athletes to get more reps in to build strength and velocity, with less wear and tear on their arm.  This is why the Kinetic Arm has gained immense popularity among Japanese baseball professionals, and here are some notable players who have benefited from wearing it: 

  • Shota Imanaga: 
Former WBC Champion and NPB star with Yokohama DeNA Baystars.
Currently representing the MLB's Chicago Cubs.
Shota Imanaga wearing Kinetic Arm
  •  Yofrec Diaz:
A professional pitcher for the Yokohama DeNA Baystars in NPB.
Had Tommy John Surgery and the Kinetic Arm was given as a gift from pitcher Shota Imanaga to help him during his rehabilitation.
Yofrec Diaz NPB player wearing Kinetic Arm K2 Sleeve
  • Ipei Ogawa:
A prominent pitcher for the Hanshin Tigers in NPB.
Ipei Ogawa Professional NPB player wearing the Kinetic Arm
NPB players wearing Kinetic Arm 2023
  • Yasunobu Okugawa:
A Tokyo Yakult Swallows pitcher in Nippon Pro Baseball
Okugawa shut out the Yomiuri Giants in the series opener, and won the CLCS MVP. He was the youngest player to hurl a shutout in the Climax Series. and also the youngest player to win a CS MVP.  
Yasunobu okugawa npb pitcher wears kinetic arm
  • Atsuki Yuasa: 
A Hanshin Tigers closer and a representative of Samurai WBC Japan, making headlines wearing the Kinetic Arm in Nikkan Sports Article.
Making major strides in 2022, he became a top reliever and this right-hander made Japan's roster for the 2023 World Baseball Classic. 

Kinetic Arm making news in Japan Baseball

  • Shinya Miyamoto:
Former baseball player from Suita, Osaka, Japan. He played shortstop. He became the 40th NPB player to reach 2,000 hits, earning him a spot in the meikyukai (Japanese Hall of Fame.)  He is a veteran that has recorded a .266/,308/.270 batting line in 2013, then announced retirement after that season, and later became a bench coach contributing to the success of the Yakult Swallows.
Kinetic Arm worn in NPB Japanese Baseball
  • Masaya Kuroda:
A top prospect and Japanese player with the Saitama Seibu Lions in NPB.
Kinetic Arm making headlines in Japan
  • Shunsuke Kasaya:
Pitcher for the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks
Shunsuke Kasaya NPB pitcher wearing kinetic arm
  • Shinya Sugai
Pitcher with Saitama Seibu Lions 
"During a lesson in late January, when I first put it on, it felt good, my arm action was smooth, I have continued to use it even after that. Kinetic Arm that reduces the stress on the arm by 30% are a must for every pitcher." 
Japanese Baseball Pitcher wearing Kinetic Arm

The Testimonials: Real-World Impact

The Kinetic Arm has left an indelible mark on these players' careers, transforming their performances on the field. These testimonials reflect the incredible impact it has had on their journeys:

  • "Shota Imanaga, Professional Pitcher: “Using the Kinetic Arm allows you to maintain the correct angle of the arm." 

Shota Imanaga Kinetic Arm

  • Hiroshi Takiguchi, Japan Distributor at Reggie Smith Baseball Japan, attests to the effectiveness of the Kinetic Arm. Not only does he provide the most widely used fundamentals and techniques from Major League Baseball, but he also sells training equipment, including the Kinetic Arm, that is actually used in the Major Leagues. His commitment to delivering top-notch training tools has played a pivotal role in the success of many Japanese players. 

Kinetic Arm Hiroshi Testimonial



The Kinetic Arm value is being seen and worn by professional players in Japanese baseball, ushering in a new era of arm recovery and protection. From the iconic Shota Imanaga to the rising stars like Yasunobu Okugawa, these players wore the Kinetic Arm to help maximize performance and limit setbacks. With the support of dedicated individuals like Hiroshi Takiguchi, who brings the best of Major League Baseball to Japan, the future of Japanese baseball looks brighter than ever. The Kinetic Arm is not just any tool; it's a complete game-changer, and is  like nothing to ever be introduced to the sports industry.