Best Arm Protection for Javelin Throwers

Best Arm Protection for Javelin Throwers

In the world of javelin throwing, precision, power, and technique are paramount. Athletes constantly strive to optimize their performance while minimizing the risk of injury. The Kinetic Arm, a dynamic arm stabilizer, has emerged as a valuable tool for javelin throwers, providing numerous benefits to the elbow and shoulder. In this blog, we will explore how the Kinetic Arm helps javelin throwers optimize  their performance and protect their elbow and shoulder during this demanding throwing sport.


      1. Dynamic Multi-Joint Stabilization: The Kinetic Arm incorporates a patented MuscleWeb™ design which has a strategic network of elastomers that overlay the shoulder and elbow to give unrestricted support and dynamic joint stabilization. By providing external joint stability, it can help javelin throwers achieve better throwing control and accuracy. Wearing this dynamic arm stabilizer gives the arm full range of support to help prevents unnecessary deviations in the throwing motion, allowing for a more consistent release and trajectory.

      2. Offloads Arm Stress While Throwing: Javelin throwing places significant stress on the elbow and shoulder that can lead to pain, fatigue, and injury. The Kinetic Arm's support properties can help reduce stress and fatigue during repetitive throwing motions. The Kinetic Arm has proven to reduce arm stress up to 30% while throwing. By minimizing stress and fatigue, athletes can maintain optimal throwing mechanics throughout training sessions and competitions, resulting in building strength to maximize performance and reduced risk of injury. 

      3. Optimal Function and Alignment: The Kinetic Arm is designed to promote proper musculoskeletal function and alignment during throwing movements. Javelin throwers can benefit from wearing the Kinetic Arm because it offers targeted support and relief on joints to help optimize power and coordination. This leads to more efficient and powerful throws, allowing athletes to generate maximum force and achieve greater distances with less arm stress and fatigue.

      4. Protection against Overuse Injuries: Throwing a javelin places considerable strain on the elbow and shoulder joints, making athletes vulnerable to overuse injuries. The Kinetic Arm is the first tool to provide an external layer of protection to the throwing arm, helping to stabilize and offload stress to the joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.  Minimizing excessive stress and strain, the arm brace or sleeve can reduce the risk of overuse injuries, such as tendinitis, strains, labrum tears, and UCL injuries, allowing athletes to train and compete more confidently.

      5. Maximize Confidence: Wearing the Kinetic Arm instills a sense of support and stability in javelin throwers. This increased confidence can have a positive impact on an athlete's mindset, allowing them to focus more on their technique and performance. By minimizing concerns about arm fatigue or discomfort, the Kinetic Arm enables throwers to concentrate on their execution and deliver their best throws with precision and power.

The Kinetic Arm has become a valuable companion for javelin throwers, helping them optimize their performance and protect their elbow and shoulder by offloading stress when the arm is in the weakest range while throwing. Wearing this arm care tool offers numerous advantages to athletes in demanding throwing sports. By incorporating the Kinetic Arm into their training regimen, javelin throwers can optimize their throwing mechanics, achieve greater accuracy and distance, and reduce the risk of overuse injuries. Embrace the power of the Kinetic Arm and take your javelin throwing to new heights!

K2 Sleeve Javelin Thrower
K1 Arm Brace Javelin Thrower






The Kinetic Arm K1 or K2 can offer many benefits for the overhand thrower, but it is not a substitute for medical treatment, proper training, technique, and conditioning. It is a great complimentary arm care tool worn to help optimize performance and reduce the risk of overuse arm-related injuries.