Biomechanics Product Solving the Largest Epidemic in Baseball

ATLANTA, Feb. 28, 2020

Jason Colleran, Founder of The Perfect Arm company, will be launching his first campaign this spring for his award winning throwing support sleeve. The Perfect Arm product made its first appearance last January at the 2020 American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA), the largest baseball convention in the world, and won "Best of Show" for the most innovative baseball product.

This company is on the fast track to success after they were announced winners by Collegiate Baseball Newspaper. The throwing arm sleeve is already becoming a staple in SEC and other college and high school baseball programs as their primary workload management tool. This product is gaining national attention among medical professionals, coaches, athletes, and parents. The support sleeve is currently the only wearable workload management tool that has objective data showing it significantly reduces elbow and shoulder stress for baseball pitchers. This is the first of its kind to be developed and introduced to the sports industry with hopes of finally being able to prevent rotator cuff injuries and career ending Tommy John surgeries that have cost Major League Baseball hundreds of millions.

Dr. Lawrence Lemak, Founder of ASMI & the National Center of Sports Safety reviewed the biomechanics abstract conducted by Motus Global on this product and stated that: "The data shows that this prototype could definitely have an impact in reducing throwing and overuse injuries." The abstract concludes that this protective throwing sleeve can be used for injury prevention, workload management, rehabilitative return to throw programs, post injury/surgery, and also during regular play to significantly reduce stress on the throwing arm for baseball and other sports

Despite the increase in technological advancements and attempts to monitor pitch counts, the current UCL epidemic continues to rise. Tommy John cases have increased 700% in the last decade, according to Dr. Andrews, Founder of American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) - with over 60% of these cases being performed on young athletes ages 15-19. Baseball has doubled in revenue in the last decade and the industry is one of the highest grossing sports in the U.S. This allure will continue to attract young athletes, create more competition and showcasing, furthering the predicament of the industry losing money, professional athletes, and future athletes. Colleran stated, "There are helmets, elbow guards, groin protectors and other baseball protective gear, but nothing for the throwing arm, the one thing that will keep you in the game." There are several new wearable technologies being used in effort to track pitchers data, but these won't be able to help decrease stress during the process.

"The Perfect Arm definitely shows promising uses for not only rehab professionals, but performance coaches. I foresee this device ushering a new era of health and performance for throwing athletes." Dr. Ryan Balmes, Owner of ENDVR Health, Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedics, and Sports Physical Therapy. The Perfect Arm offers athletes a viable solution, that utilizes MuscleWeb Technology, the first technology to mimic natural and dynamic musculoskeletal function - acting as an external muscular system to reinforce movement, increase velocity, and reduce stress to both the elbow and the shoulder. This sleeve is a "total game changer" as said by several collegiate coaches.


The Perfect Arm company is owned by Jason Colleran, a former athlete, suffered arm injuries for over 10 years before losing his career. His personal story behind this product is motivating and compelling. In short, he dedicated his life to baseball, and losing it all made him adamant to find solutions to help other athletes avoid this fate. He spent the last 20 years cultivating relationships, building his reputation, and his career as a Biomechanics Consultant for medical professionals and professional athletes. Colleran specializes in working hands on with injured athletes, and integrating Muscle Activation Techniques along with other modalities to identify and correct neuromuscular dysfunction. His Sports Performance facility in Atlanta is his lab where he collected years of data and feedback from athletes wearing his prototypes - enabling him to perfect and patent his design. The Perfect Arm company located in Atlanta, GA is a leading new sports company to help athletes around the world with their innovative and safety conscience products. website has a selection of products and additional research information.