The Game Changers: Top NIL Deals and Baseball Transfer Portal for 2023


The landscape of college sports underwent a seismic shift in recent years with the introduction of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights for student-athletes. This revolutionary change allowed athletes to capitalize on their personal brand and talents while still in college. In addition to NIL deals, the baseball world saw a significant transformation with the emergence of the baseball transfer portal, offering players more flexibility in pursuing their dreams. In this blog, we will explore the top NIL deals and the impact of the baseball transfer portal in the world of college baseball for the year 2023 with the kinetic arm.

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NIL Deals in College Baseball

Spencer Rattler - Oklahoma Sooners (Now Playing for LSU Tigers)

Spencer Rattler, originally known for his prowess on the football field, made headlines in 2023 when he signed one of the most lucrative NIL deals in college baseball history. After transferring from Oklahoma to LSU, Rattler partnered with a major sportswear company, landing a multi-million-dollar endorsement deal. His incredible popularity transcended his position as a pitcher, and his social media presence played a pivotal role in securing this massive NIL agreement.

Jack Leiter - Vanderbilt Commodores

Jack Leiter, a highly-touted pitching prospect, leveraged his on-field success and strong social media following to secure a remarkable NIL deal. With over a million followers on various platforms, Leiter partnered with a leading sporting goods manufacturer for an exclusive line of baseball equipment. This deal not only solidified his status as a top draft prospect but also allowed him to set the stage for a lucrative professional career.

Ella Stevens - Arizona Wildcats

Ella Stevens, a standout player on the Arizona Wildcats softball team, made history as the first female athlete to sign a seven-figure NIL deal in college baseball. Her exceptional performance on the field, coupled with her commitment to gender equality in sports, attracted a major beauty and wellness brand. Stevens became the face of their campaign, inspiring young female athletes to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

The Baseball Transfer Portal

The baseball transfer portal has transformed the way college baseball players navigate their careers. Offering student-athletes the flexibility to transfer without penalty and seek new opportunities, the portal has democratized player movement. Here are some notable transfers in 2023:

Kumar Rocker - Formerly with Vanderbilt, now with Texas A&M

Kumar Rocker, once a Vanderbilt Commodore and one of college baseball's most dominant pitchers, shocked the baseball world when he transferred to Texas A&M. His decision to utilize the transfer portal allowed him to explore a new environment and continue his journey to the Major Leagues with a fresh start.

Tim Anderson - From Mississippi State to Miami Hurricanes

Tim Anderson, a talented outfielder, decided to make the move from Mississippi State to the Miami Hurricanes. This transfer allowed him to play in a different competitive environment and showcase his skills in front of a new set of scouts and coaches, increasing his chances of getting drafted in the upcoming MLB draft.

Megan Garcia - Texas Longhorns to UCLA Bruins

Megan Garcia, an emerging star in college softball, transferred from Texas to UCLA. This move not only provided her with a chance to play for a powerhouse program but also allowed her to forge new connections with players and coaches, enhancing her overall development as a player.


The introduction of NIL deals and the baseball transfer portal in college sports have revolutionized the landscape for student-athletes. It offers them unprecedented opportunities to monetize their talents and explore new horizons. As we look back on the top NIL deals and transfer portal moves in college baseball for 2023, it's evident that these changes are shaping the future of college sports and creating exciting prospects for athletes across the country.