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Baseball Players Are Protecting Their Arms From Injury With This New Tool

Little leaguers to pro pitchers use Kinetic Arm to play pain-free

Monday, Nov 6 2023
by Chris Lin

Why protect your throwing arm? It's the most important thing we need to stay in the game.

Are you a serious baseball player or do you have a child playing competitive baseball? Then you know that arm issues are the number one menace to ending a season prematurely.

Did you know that over 50% of kids report elbow or shoulder pain at some point during a competitive season making them 7.5X more likely to have injuries or surgery as they get older? We use helmets, knee pads, and other equipment to protect our bodies. Why not protect our throwing arms? After all, they’re the one thing we need to stay in the game.

Kinetic arm is the brainchild of Jason Colleran, a sports biomechanics expert and a former collegiate athlete. He helps some of the best professional athletes from around the world from MLB pitchers to Shota Imanaga, starting pitcher of the Japanese 2023 World Baseball Classic winning team and others in the Nippon Professional Baseball league.

After seeing drastic increases in elbow and shoulder injuries in younger players every year, 
Jason created the Kinetic Arm as a way to offload stress externally, saving arms from injury and relieving pain.

How Does It Work?

Kinetic Arm is an easy to wear arm care sleeve that goes beyond any compression, brace, or kinesio tape. It has a built in MuscleWeb strategically positioned to support the arm in its most vulnerable ranges of motion. 

It offloads stress externally to the elastomer system, plus it guides the arm towards a more optimal throwing and swinging path
 to improve mechanics. So not only are you protecting your arm from injury, you’re improving your technique while you use the Kinetic arm. Compared to other clunky braces or compression sleeves, the Kinetic Arm is the first product to dynamically protect both the elbow and shoulder while throwing and swinging in practice and games.

College and professional athletes have returned to the field quicker after injuries and reported faster recovery times with the Kinetic Arm. Plus, it’s resulted in a reduction in injuries, and increase in pitching velocity. After playing with the Kinetic Arm, players and parents from little league to the pros swear by it to keep arms healthy. 

Is It Backed By Research?

Coming from a sports science background, Jason Colleran put Kinetic Arm to the test in sports labs. In an independent study carried out with collegiate players by the University of Texas at Tyler, Kinetic Arm demonstrated a 30% reduction in elbow stress. In a separate case study, the Kinetic Arm helped a collegiate athlete with a shoulder labrum tear expedite his recovery and return to the playing field pain-free.

Dr. Ryan Balmes

DPT, Board-certified clinical specialist in orthopaedics and sports physical therapy

"The Kinetic Arm definitely shows promising uses for not only rehab professionals but also for performance coaches. I foresee that this prototype can usher in a new era of health and performance for throwing athletes."

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Who Uses It?

The Kinetic Arm is being used by athletes across various sports and all competitive levels. It has helped players in the Reds, White Sox, Diamondbacks, Red Sox, Astros, Angels, Yankees, and more. Abroad, Kinetic Arm is used by the Nippon Professional League, including Shota Imanaga, the starting pitcher of the winning team of the 2023 World Baseball Classic.

Players in the NFL, ATP, and Pro Disc Golf have also wear the Kinetic Arm. It can be used for tennis, pickleball, football, hockey, golf, frisbee, and any other sport that requires throwing and swinging.

What Models Are Available?

The K1 Brace is the heaviest duty model, made for athletes that are coming back from injury or have high training loads. The K2 Youth and and K2 Adult is made with lighter material but still come with the patented MuscleWeb support system. These models work great for training and can also be worn in game to reduce pain and deter injury.

K1 Brace

K2 Adult Sleeve

K2 Youth Sleeve

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Dr. Alex Beebe, DPT

“The Kinetic Arm has been a game changer in my care for players returning from surgery or injury, along with athletes who are experiencing medial elbow discomfort or shoulder problems. Awesome product with research to back it, I highly recommend.”

Is It Worth It?

If you're a competitive athlete or are the parent of an athlete, the Kinetic Arm seems like the obvious choice to stay injury free. Just like we get insurance for our cars and homes, the Kinetic Arm is an insurance to keep our arms safe and healthy.

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