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This device could change the youth game when it comes to throwing and pitching. Increase a player’s results, safety and long-term involvement in the game. Jason Colleran, 18 years studying and consulting on Biomechanics. Dealt with his own arm injuries. Believes strongly that communication is a big part of arm issues.

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Jason inventor of the Kinetic Arm and Owner of the Elite Edge Training Center in Atlanta. Kinetic Arm highlighted at the ABCA convention in 2022 as the most innovative product. This episode is over an hour because of the importance. A youth device is being developed and can change players long term health and development. Players at the high school, college and pro level are already using them. Use in practice. Use in games. Hitters can use them because there is stress on the joints when you swing a bat, adds to throwing and pitching stress. Off loads stress up to 30%. Stabilizes arm while in motion. Stop weighted ball till you are completely educated in this area. Youth kids should not be throwing weighted balls. So much to this discussion.


The majority of overuse arm injuries are found in competitive throwing and swinging sports. Which is why former athlete Jason Colleran developed the Kinetic Arm™ as the first dynamic arm stabilizer engineered for athletes. Over half a decade was invested in research and development to produce the first dynamic arm stabilizer that could worn to help stabilize and support the arm during throwing mechanics. “My goal is to offer the highest level of arm protection to athletes, so they can have an effective preventative tool that will reduce arm stress and help increase their longevity, performance, and overall health.”


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