Kinetic Arm - ABCA Award Winner for Best of Show in 2020 & 2022

“Ten special inventions are tremendous
advancements for the sport of baseball.”

Editor/Collegiate Baseball


College Baseball Insights is proud to announce that we are one of the distinguished winners of the 23rd Annual Best of Show by Collegiate Baseball at the 2022 ABCA Convention in Chicago.

The Kinetic Arm™ is an athletic biomechanical tech product company that offers innovative products to provide athletes with efficient arm workload management tools to aid in injury prevention and increase longevity, performance, and overall health of athletes. The Kinetic Arm™ is known as the first dynamic arm stabilizer to be introduced to the sports industry.


Innovative Arm Protection: Introducing a New Era of Protective Gear and Workload Management
Jason Colleran, Founder, The Kinetic Arm
ABCA Jason Colleran Expo Theater Kinetic Arm

The Kinetic Arm Two years ago, the Perfect Arm designed by Jason Colleran was introduced at the Nashville ABCA Convention and earned a Collegiate Baseball Best of Show certificate. Renamed The Kinetic Arm with a newly designed sleeve which is much easier to put on the upper body than the version two years ago, this multi joint, dynamic stabilizer uses patented MuscleWeb Technology to externally reinforce the muscles and joints while throwing. Unlike other arm braces that are designed to immobilize and restrict motion, this sleeve is the first dynamic functional brace to offload stress and stabilize joints while in motion. The Kinetic Arm has been tested and proven to significantly offload arm stress up to 30 percent which has allowed athletes to get more reps with less fatigue. For more information, go to their website at 

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