KINETIC ARM: NPB Certified in Japan Baseball

The Kinetic Arm became certified in Japan by NPB (Nippon Professional Baseball), in June 2023 according to Nikkan sports news articles. Professional athletes are now wearing the Kinetic Arm in practice and game to help reduce arm stress while throwing. Many of the professional players and pitchers including Shota Imanaga, starting pitcher for Team Japan in the WBC Championships 2023 wear the Kinetic Arm to help maximize performance, expedite recovery, and minimize injury risks. Understanding the importance the Kinetic Arm brings to baseball players by effectively offloading arm stress externally.

 Nikkan Baseball News Article

It was introduced by Hiroshi, Distributor with Reggie Smith Baseball in Japan.  It was first used by pitcher Okura (Yakult), followed by pitcher Imonaga (Yakura) and also by the pitcher Yokohama (Hanshin). More and more athletes are starting to understand the importance of externally offloading arm stress that can lead to pain, fatigue, and overuse injuries.  

The Kinetic Arm has continued to receive raving publicity overseas with regards to the feedback from professional athletes and coaches using the brace or sleeve in their throwing programs.